Kimahri’s Best Overdrives in FFX (All Ronso Rages, Ranked) –

Kimahri. Yuna’s mentor, always antagonistic but well-meaning.

To be honest, I didn’t like Kimari the first time I played Final Fantasy X. At least not as a party member.

I never upgraded it and didn’t know what it was capable of. I needed some breakthroughs to give him a chance and see what he could do.

Kimahri performs with his Ronso Rage as the blue wizard of the party. To learn all these blue magic attacks, Kimahri has the Lancet skill. If he uses those on certain enemies during the game, he can get their abilities for his overdrive.

If Kimahri has all 12 supernatural abilities, he could be a force to be reckoned with. If you’re really playing with him at the party ….

And this list is dedicated to ranking all of Ronso Rage Kimahri’s overdrives, from my personal list of worst to best. I will also tell you what opponents you can learn, to make your life easier!

12. Destiny

Destiny looks incredible in print.

You throw it at the enemy and within a certain number of turns, the enemy dies, no questions asked.

The problem is that Doom barely works with anything worth killing.

Of course, he never misses when the opponent is vulnerable. But depending on your opponent’s stats, you can wait between 5 and 200 rounds.

Also, almost all of the main bosses in the game are immune anyway.

I never find the time when Doom really needs it.

P.S. The only time Doom occurs is when you fight Yojimbo, who is both vulnerable to Doom and always dies within 5 turns.

How to get it: Each ghostly villain (spirit, wraith) gives you a fate. You can also get it from Biran Ronso.

11. Jump

This is your default Ronso Rage, available from the beginning of the game.

Jumping is a basic movement that deals average damage to the opponent. In the old Final Fantasy games, jumping was useful because it allowed a character to hover in the air for a few turns before taking damage, which meant nothing could happen to him during that time.

Kimahri doesn’t get the same treatment. It’s a little dark…

How to get it: You’re not doing anything! Like I said, you start doing this as soon as Kimari joins your group.

10. Seed pistol

Comme le Leap, celui-ci est pratiquement livré à vous dès le départ.

Vous ne pouvez pas l’avoir, et il est à peine meilleur que le Leap.

Il ne fait toujours que des dégâts sur un seul ennemi et reste un peu faible.

Mais je pardonne à Kimahri parce qu’il n’en a pas le droit car c’est exagéré.

How to obtain it: Pendant le combat d’entraînement dans la forêt de Kilik, vous combattez Ragora et avez le temps d’utiliser la lancette sur elle. C’est là que vous étudiez le canon des semences. Mais vous pouvez aussi l’apprendre de Sandragora dans les sables de Sanubian ou de Grata sur le mont Gagazet.

9. Souffle de feu

Firebreath inflicts moderate fire elemental damage to all enemies on the field (as you will have gathered).

Finally something better than the Jump and Seed canon!

There is a catch, of course. The elemental damage is significant.

If you don’t apply it to things that are weak to fire, then you can’t do much damage. So, in some situations, it’s unnecessary.

How to get it: You can learn this from the Double Horn (found on Mien’s Highway, Mushroom Rock, House), Valach (found in the Cave of the Stolen Fite), Jenke Ronso (who you fight with on Mount Gagazet), and Grende (found on Mount Gagazet or in the Ruins of Zanarkand).

8. Breath of Aqua

This is essentially the same attack as Breath of Fire, but instead of fire, it does elemental water damage.

Shh, shh, shh.

It also inflicts the same amount of damage and targets any enemy.

These two attacks are really the same to me in terms of usefulness. And if I could give them exactly the same grade, I would.

How to get it: Use the lancet on chimeras in the forests of Macalania, at home, or on the Mi’ien Highway. Or on the brains of the chimera in the Land of Tranquility, or on Yenka Ronso during the boss fight on Mount Gagazet.

7. Self-destruction

Okay, I can hear you guys doubting my choices and preferences right now, but let me tell you that my most enjoyable part of Final Fantasy X is when Kimahri uses self-destruction to kill the final boss I wanted to die from.

I put these seven in just for fun.

If you use self-destruct, Kimahri sacrifices her life to inflict heavy damage on one enemy. And once you’ve used it, Kimahri can’t be recovered or replaced until the end of the fight. So use it sparingly!

Apparently Kimahri won’t get AP for the fight either. …..

How to get it: You can launch bombs on Meehan Highroad, Mushroom Rock Road, in the house, or in a hot air balloon. Biran Ronso also did this during the battle for Mt. Gagazet. You can also get them from a grenade launcher, also on Mount Gagazet, or from Puroboros in the Omega Ruins.

6. Forestry Council

While he does a decent amount of damage, this move doesn’t deserve more than that for one reason.

It doesn’t scare away the enemy!

The game description of this move says that it catapults the opponents off the field.

In most cases, however, an oversight or mistake will only cause damage.

Despite this misstep, it’s a good decision. But it would be much more useful if they could implement an ejection feature in it.

How to get it: Use the lancet on YKT-63 in Bevelle, Birana Ronso on Mount Gagazet, or YKT-11 in Zanarkand Dome.

5. Breathing stone

I absolutely love the stone blast for its usefulness in AP grinding!

Just like the other breaths, it targets each opponent and petrifies everyone.

When he strikes, they turn to stone. By the way: It always hits unless the opponent is 100% immune to petrifaction.

If you want to grind without waiting forever, hit Kimahri on the ground and let him turn everyone into stone and watch them crumble.

How to get it: Lancet Basilisk on Jose Highway, Anacondaura in Tranquil Country, or Yenke Ronso on Mt. Gagazet.

4. Bad breath

This is one of the most irritating moves in all Final Fantasy games when used against you.

but when you use it on your enemies, it suddenly becomes a pretty good move!

With Bad Breath, Kimahri transfers horrible status diseases to any opponent.

These conditions include poison, sleep, silence, confusion, berserk, and darkness (for 10 turns).

The more status quandaries you can inflict, the easier the fight will be. It has helped me get out of some difficult situations.

How to get it: You can get them from Marlborough in the Land of Rest or the Cave of the Stolen Fite, and from the Great Marlborough in the Omega Ruins of Sin.

3. White wind

I’m always a fan of moves that help me survive. So White Wind will eventually get used to it if I take Kimahri out.

White Wind restores the HP of all the band members, and that’s really all I need from him.

It’s not as good as what Yuna can do, because you really have to fully load the Kimahri overdrive before each use.

But if you don’t have their great spells or items (or ingredients to mix), White Wind can do the trick!

How to get it: The only two places you can get it are Yenke Ronso on Mount Gagazet (you can only get it after he uses it) or Dark Flan, which you can find on Mount Gagazet or in Zanarkand.

2. Nova

We are getting closer to the top of our rankings!

Nova is perhaps the most powerful move in the entire game, but only if she scores a critical hit.

Even without, Kimahri inflicts a tremendous amount of non-elemental damage on all enemies on the field.

The only problem with Nova is that it’s hard to teach the movement.

You may have to get out of the way, but it’s well worth it if you want to use Kimahri as a permanent band member.

How to get it: Another Omega Weapon boss has this move when you fight him in the Omega Ruins. Your only option is to create an archenemy in the Monster Arena

1. Mighty Guard

While dishing out massive damage is generally my preference, Mighty Guard is the most valuable overdrive for Kimahri.

And it’s not that complicated compared to Nova.

No extra bosses, no side quests for the monster arena, you get those when Ronso fights on Mt.

When you use it, it calls protection, hull, and NullAll over the group (which denies elemental damage while active).

Without giving anything away, I can at least say that ZeroAll is particularly useful for some of the end bosses at the end of the game.

How to get it: Biran Ronso on Mount Gagazet can give this move if you wait for him to use it first. And you can get it from Hippo on Mount Gagazet or on the ruins of Zanarkand. Or you can cast the Monster King inside Sin.

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