Kevin Stefanski Gives Strong Endorsement of Browns QB Baker Mayfield

Browns head coach John Dorsey, has officially made the decision to start Baker Mayfield as his starting quarterback.

The “baker mayfield college ” is a story that has been circulating the internet. Kevin Stefanski, the Browns Vice President of player personnel, gave a strong endorsement of Baker Mayfield.


courtesy of Getty Images Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

There are doubts regarding Baker Mayfield’s future as the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback, despite the fact that the former first-round choice looks to have the full backing of his head coach

While speaking to the media on Monday, January 10, Kevin Stefanski offered Mayfield a ringing endorsement and expressed optimism about his future.

“I consider it in the context of our complete squad.” At times, we were erratic. “All we have to do now is improve our team and individual performance,” Stefanski added. “I’ve seen Baker perform at a high level. I’m optimistic he’ll have the surgery, and he’ll put in a lot of effort this summer to get back on track.”

Mayfield limped to the season’s end with 3,010 yards passing, 17 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. He sat out the team’s season finale versus the Bengals since the playoffs were no longer a possibility. In what turned out to be Mayfield’s last game, a 26-14 defeat to the Steelers, he was sacked nine times.

Stefanski: The offseason is crucial to Mayfield’s development.

“We’ll look at what we can do better for 2022,” Kevin Stefanski says. On January 10th, 2022, Kevin Stefanski speaks to the press. #PressConference2022-01-10T21:14:52Z #MondayMedia

Even after four seasons, it’s difficult to get a whole picture of Mayfield. This season was the first time in his career that he used the same offensive strategy for consecutive seasons, and it was plagued by many injuries, the most serious of which was to his non-throwing shoulder.

Mayfield is set to have shoulder surgery on January 19 in Los Angeles By the time regular team practice activities begin in May, he should be ready to go. While Mayfield may be unable to do much physically for the most of the summer, the Browns still want to provide him with a strategy to develop following his disappointing season.

“When we get our hands back on Baker and all of our players, we’ll detail areas in which we believe they can develop and provide them with improvement plans.” For all of these players, having those offseasons together is crucial,” Stefanski said. “It’s simply all of us – I’d put all of us in that boat where you sit here and you’re where we are, it’s a whole team effort to become better.”

Stefanski has no regrets about his decision to play Mayfield.

The Browns finished with an 8-9 record, unable to win important games late in the season as Mayfield battled. Many detractors questioned why he was even in the game after he threw six touchdowns and seven interceptions while looking far from 100 percent.

“Baker battled through those injuries, was medically cleared to play each of those weeks, practiced and felt great,” Stefanski said. “I believe you’ve talked to Baker, and I don’t believe he’s using any of that as an excuse, and I’m not disputing that players play through ailments.” He pushed himself to get through it. Again, I’m sure there will be plays and situations that he wishes he could relive. That’s just part of the game, especially when you’re a quarterback trying to improve.”

The Browns are poised to keep Mayfield for the fifth and final year of his deal next season, giving him one more opportunity to show he can be Cleveland’s quarterback of the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Mary Kay Cabot say about Baker Mayfield?

A: Cabot has been critical of Mayfield and his attitude in the past.

What did the reporter say about Baker Mayfield?

A: I am sorry, the reporter did not say anything about Baker Mayfield.

Will the Browns keep Baker?

A: This is a trick question. The answer is no and they will not keep Baker because he has been released by the Browns, making him available for other teams to sign.

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