Kartik Aaryan takes a dig at those flouting lockdown: ‘Modiji, ye sunna chahte hain 21 din mein paisa double’ – bollywood

Even when Prime Minister Narendra Maudie announced a complete blockade of the whole of India in the middle of an outbreak of the coronavirus, people gathered in the streets and lined up near shops to feed themselves for the next 21 days. While several celebrities and other users on social networks criticised the Prime Minister’s speechwriters for not articulating the message that there is no reason to panic, Kartik Haryan decided to give a funny twist.

He shared a memo with Instagram in which he suggested that people stay at home and not take to the streets when they say their money will double in those 21 days if they stay at home. He placed a photo of Hera Feri 2, which was adapted to replace the face of Akshai Kumar with a face and an inscription of Kartik : Modi ji ye log aise nahi manenge, ye sunane chahte hain 21 din me paise double. The photo is written with the memories: 21 din my Double Paisa.

A fan responded to the message: Nahi Moon at 21 din Maine Iku ke ke double fall. The other one said: I’m gonna take you five seconds, you’re gonna like it.

On Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Maudie announced a complete blockade of the whole of India and assured people that they should not panic because the government will ensure that all essential goods are available. But soon after the end of his speech, social networks filled up with photos and videos from all over the country lining up people for food and other stuff to store for the next 21 days.

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Kartik’s work was recently discovered in a book by Imtiaz Ali Lubov Aaj Kal 2 with Randip Huda and Sarah Ali Khan. He was filming for his next project, Bhol Bhulaia 2, which will also feature Chiara Adwani. Film – New edition of the popular film Akshai Kumar-Vidya Balan-2007 directed by Priyadarshan.


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