Kaitlyn Bristowe Slammed for Asking Tayshia Adams About Zac Clark Split on ‘The Bachelorette: Men Tell All’

The Bachelorette: Men Tell All was a very revealing episode, with some of the contestants spilling secrets about their relationships. Kaitlyn Bristowe asked Tayshia Adams who broke up with Zac Clark during filming, and she received backlash for asking such personal questions on national television.

Kaitlyn Bristowe is being slammed for asking Tayshia Adams about the split of Zac Clark on “The Bachelorette: Men Tell All.”.

Tayshia Adams Kaitlyn Bristowe

ABC The Bachelorette: Men Tell All stars Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe.

During the “The Bachelorette: Men Tell All” episode, Kaitlyn Bristowe was chastised for putting Tayshia Adams on the spot.

In the midst of the ABC dating show’s season update for Michelle Young, Kaitlyn went to her co-host Tayshia Adams and inquired about her recent breakup from her fiancé, Zac Clark.

Tayshia’s engagement ring was no longer on her finger, so Kaitlyn inquired as to what was going on with her relationship with Zac.

“All I have to say is that I’m devastated,” Tayshia said, her eyes welling up with tears. “We tried our hardest, and I still adore him.” I don’t know what the future holds for me. You’re aware of the situation… It’s really difficult.”

‘From one sad heart to another….” Kaitlin then provided her buddy encouragement before presenting Michelle Young’s spurned suitor, Rodney Matthews.

Tayshia burst into tears and went backstage as Rodney took his place on stage.

Fans of The Bachelorette reacted angrily to Kaitlyn’s awkward segment, accusing her of making Tayshia cry.

The portion took the audience off surprise. Some fans asked why Kaitlyn brought up Tayshia’s personal problems in the midst of Michelle Young’s “Men Tell All” episode on social media.

“I think Kaitlyn is typically really excellent at being empathic, but I hope she looks back and sees how she came across.” One Twitter user remarked, “Tayshia didn’t deserve it at all.”

“‘From one shattered heart to another’ KAITLYN SWEETIE NO WONDER TAYSHIA RAN OFF THE STAGE CRYING #bachelorette #thebachelorroette #mentellall,” one person said on Twitter.

Another user added, “Kaitlyn literally just made Tayshia cry and then was like COME ON UP RODNEY.”

“Who the hell does Kaitlyn think she’s asking Tayshia about her breakup with Zac and then using it as a transition to bring up Rodney?” a fourth viewer wondered.

“I’m perplexed… What was the point of having Tayshia weep and break down? “Why would y’all bring up her grief at random?” Another was curious.

“There was no justification for this to be broadcast. Because it was published a few days earlier, everyone already knew they had broken up. Another user wrote, “This is not the Kaitlyn & Tayshia show.”

Others backed Kaitlyn, blaming the episode on ABC and “The Bachelorette” producers.

“It’s not your fault, Kaitlyn!” You’d best take a good look at #ABC. She’s supporting Tayshia despite the fact that they’re both hosts and pals! I’m sure Tayshia knew she’d have to say something about it. One user said, “Kaitlyn wouldn’t put her on the spot like that.”

“Tayshia was aware of it,” another concurred. “They were following the producers’ instructions. Isn’t it true that Kaitlyn isn’t a producer? Has no say in any of it and is reading from a prompter? Go berserk at ABC and the creators, not the hapless ‘hosts.’”

In November 2021, Tayshia Adams called off her engagement to Zac Clark, just as the ‘Men Tell All’ Special was being taped.

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark on 'The Bachelorette.'

Craig Sjodin/ABC On ‘The Bachelorette,’ Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark got engaged.

Tayshia, 30, and Zac, 37, had been engaged for almost a year before calling it quits in November, just days after cheering one other on during the New York City Marathon.

In mid-November, a publicist informed People, “Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark are no longer a relationship.”

While the two had not publicly discussed their breakup before Tayshia’s “Men Tell All” appearance, a source told Page Six that “as time went on, it became increasingly obvious that Tayshia and Zac weren’t going to work out.”

“They have extremely different future ambitions,” the person said. “It’s a relief for both of them to finally acknowledge that they aren’t a good fit,” says the author. Her popularity is rapidly increasing, and he isn’t quite at ease in the spotlight.”

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Kaitlyn Bristowe was slammed for asking Tayshia Adams about her and Zac’s split on “The Bachelorette: Men Tell All.”. Reference: kaitlyn bristowe and shawn booth.

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