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League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of players who play it every day. This game has a lot to offer, but if you want to get better at playing this game, then there are some things that you should know.

The aram for beginners is a guide that teaches the basics of the game and how to play.

I’ve played over 1000 games of aram and wanted to share some aram tips with you!


  1. Before you begin the first battle, double-check that your whole squad is there.
  • 4v5s usually n’t work out for you, and having a late player is very frequent in Aram, so why put yourself at a disadvantage?


  1. Check for CC before starting a game by looking at the other squad.
  • Keep an eye out for hard CC champions that will give the opponent an easy first blood (lux q, morg q, blitz q, etc etc)


  1. Supporting two enchanters isn’t usually a good idea since you don’t have enough damage.
  • NOT TO SAY IT ALWAYS WORKS. I’ve seen a lot of lulu karma support setups that are very difficult to counter, but they’re usually accompanied by some strong carries that make it work. Your early game may be alright, but as you reach to 10 minutes or more, team battles will become much more difficult.


  • Try pinging before going in and whatnot, since we’ve all had the suicidal rakan who snowballs in and dies, then flames the team for not following up. Not everyone can follow up, especially if they aren’t very mobile.


  1. Heath packs are a kind of health pack.
  • It’s a good idea to take them in order to deny it to the other team while retreating.
  • Try to take them in a group to maximize life and mana, and ping before you take – if they don’t reply or move towards the pack within 10 seconds (at least that’s how long I give them), simply grab it and go back to lane.


  1. Tanks :/
  • Try to finish soon; if they become tanky enough, stalling for too long will be difficult for your side. Ornn, Singed, Darius (not technically a tank but feels like one), Sett, and others are champions to keep an eye on.


  1. Viego
  • He’s simply extremely busted, so keep an eye on him. He has far too much healing, and if he understands what he’s doing, he can easily 1v5 anybody.


  1. Competition for teams
  • If at all feasible, have an engager on your squad (not super necessary, but a good thing to have)
  • Try to have a decent mix of AD and AP, since the opponent may stack MR/Armor, making things more difficult for you.


  1. Skins
  • There are some skins that make it difficult for the opposing team to notice your skills, simply pick any blue or even white skins – most winter skins, elementalist lux – and you’ll be fine (ice). Some skins also make your abilities difficult to notice. For example, some skins make Miss Fortune’s E harder to see since the border of her AOE is more faded than in other skins.


  1. Poros must be fed.
  • You may receive your passive after your poro munchies are gone, especially fiddles!


  1. Resetting
  • Simply die xd – having no deaths implies you’re doing no harm and are effectively handicapping yourself; simply die and get things to improve your strength.


  1. Death is a counterbalance.
  • MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE DEATH COUNTERS OF THE ENEMY TEAM – this is particularly important when you’re near to the enemy base; make sure the 1v1 doesn’t develop into a 1v3, as these battles may be game-changing.


  1. Teamfighting
  • Always try to battle 5v5, particularly towards the finish, since a few seconds of waiting for your final teammate may be the difference between a victory and a defeat.


*edits – I included 11–13 since these were the first ones that came to me.

Please feel free to add any other suggestions that I may have overlooked.

Original source: link

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League of Legends is a MOBA game that has been around for quite some time. It’s one of the most popular games in the world, and it continues to grow in popularity. If you’re looking for an easy way to get into the game, but don’t want to spend money on it, then this guide will help you out. Reference: is aram good for beginner’s .

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