Juan Pareja’s Walking Dead Felt “Gutted” by Shocking Return

On Sunday evening, Juan Pareja, the actor of Morales of the Walking Dead joined the 40s who watch the first two episodes of the series. Parea’s person has been a fact since 1×02 and was brought to the fore at Rick’s group meeting with the CDC in Atlanta. The fans on the facade are not revenge actors who appear in the film Fear of the Walking Dead or in the film Fear of the Walking Dead During, Pareia would have had the role in the 8. by joining the band Saviours Negan and playing against Rick. A few minutes later (and after a well recited monologue) Morales got an arrow from Daryl’s crossbow in the face. There is an unpleasant moment when the present son impatiently returns. Pareia allows the participation of like-minded people, without diminishing the gratitude for the support during the first walk.

Already in 2018 Pareia was informed about the possibility of a rehearsal of her role. I didn’t warn much. When you’re about to start a tour, you don’t have to make a fresh start, Paray remembers. Any think I may have received a call in February or March me this series would you be interested if we take you back? And unless he’s a passionate opponent for the role, which he is: Absolutely, completely in line with what they thought or how the story might unfold or what they were planning for morality, I was just very excited and curious about this call.

Pareia is in a state where her physique is impressive, and this is a sign of the change her son has undergone over the years. There is no value that makes it possible to change the facade as it should be, but only half a dozen, without tourists, or rather the one who chose to start the scenario. And I felt it: It’s amazing! It’s just a little more action, a little more than a few days, but it’s not an evasion of the Morales counterpart at times. So it was a pill that was a little hard and bitter to swallow.

The actor isn’t the only one with these feelings. Many fans agree to say that Morales boosted morale in the final moments of the 8×02 episode. When the character was quickly killed in the 8×03 episode, the frustration spread to social networks and is still called it today.

(Photo: Gene sheet / AMC)

Corn Pareia is more grateful than anything for the occasion. I would like the idea of the vendetta to be embraced with enthusiasm, and I would like to see a high morale for dialogue and a common monologue in my driving in the following pages: Oh, my God, how am I supposed to remember that when we shoot? A married couple made a joke. It’s also certain that the EU has created the conditions for Rick to be an important point, and so am I: What’s the next rule? But I think all of this played its part.

After starring in the film The Dead on the Walk, Paray has recently appeared in FBI films, Gone Days, State of Decay 2, Just cause 4, Chicago Honey and other popular films. Watch the full interview with the actor in the video above.

What do you think of Morales’ brief return to the Walking Dead? Would you rather he appeared in fear of the undead as a hardened survivor, with or without family? Share your thoughts on the comment section or send them to me on Instagram and Twitter!

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