Joy Osmanski Teases Stargirl Season 2

On Sunday, the internet was abuzz with the news that the second season of the CW’s hit show, “Stargirl”, starring Brec Bassinger, would be delayed by a week (originally set for premiere on December 15, 2017). This delay comes after a number of reports claimed that the show’s first season was underwhelming and lacked a strong fan base. But, this delay will allow the show to air in time for the holiday season. The new season will premiere January 25, 2018.

This week, Stargirl’s Lead Actress Joy Osmanski took to Twitter to tease that the show has a second season ahead of it. “Season 2 of Stargirl is in pre-production and we’re all so excited about it,” she wrote. The tweet came on the heels of the show’s second season finale during Comic-Con this past summer, during which Stargirl’s alter ego became a superhero.

2 of DC Stargirl won’t air for several months, but when the series debuts on Tuesday, October 10. August, returns to The CW, fans can expect new villains in Eclipso and Shade, as well as further conflicts with some old villains, including Sportsmaster and Tigress. According to Paula Brooks/Tigress actress Joy Osmanski, the second season of the DC series will be deeper and darker, offering new challenges and storylines. I think the series can get deeper and darker in the second season, and I think we’ll see some of that in terms of evil forces at work, Osmanski told Digital Spy. Tigress and Sportsmaster are the villains of season 1, but compared to what happens in season 2, it’s far from it. Osmanski also explained that the second season’s villain, Eclipso (Nick Tarabei), will bring evil, which she finds very disturbing, but also evil that has to do with the real world as we know it. Personally, I find the evil that this character exhibits very disturbing, and I think people will find it very relevant in our current socio-political climate, I must say, Osmanski said. I saw the parallels right away, but I’m curious how fans will react to this character, but he’s scary. He’s very scary. Osmanski has said it before. She told WESH Channel 2 in Orlando that the second season of the series is so scary she wouldn’t let her kids watch it. The second season gets a lot darker, which is interesting for a series, and I have to say that the evil forces at work are really scary, my kids don’t come close to the second season for example. It’s scary, Osmanski said. At the end of the first season, viewers got a very small glimpse of the darkness. At that moment Cindy Bierman/Sheeve (Meg Delacey) discovered the Black Diamond in which Eclipso was trapped. In addition to Eclipso Tarabai, Jonathan Cake will also take on the role of Shade in the second season, another villain who will challenge Stargirl and her fellow JSA. It’s a different, darker, scarier threat because the threat ….. Cindy is a thing, and she has the Black Diamond, and of course we’re going to investigate that, Stargirl showrunner Jeff Jones said at New York Comic-Con last year. But the fact is that this trapped entity, this primal entity that feeds on the sins, the sorrows, the fears and the darkness of humanity, is trapped in this Black Diamond, has been there for a very, very long time and longs to do what it does, and feed on the darkness of humanity. It will take a lot to counteract that, and it will take the JSA and all of our amazing characters to a place they will have a hard time exploring, Jones continued. I’m glad, but Eclipso is one of my favorite comic book villains. In the comics he also had a history with Wildcat, Dr. Mid-Nite, and the JSA, but we’ll see! The first season of the DC series Stargirl is airing on HBO Max Season 2 will air on Tuesday the 10th. August at 8:07 p.m. on The CW.

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