Johnny Depp Officially Joins Instagram with the Goodwill Message

Johnny Depp eventually opened an Instagram account and got millions of new followers in just a few days. At the time of writing, Depp currently has 3.3 million followers, and it seems that these numbers will continue to grow rapidly. Known for his private life, this is Depp’s first trip to social networking, and the actor in the video posted on his new Instagram account explains why he thought it was time to get started. You can watch the 8-minute video until the end.

This is my first experience in the world of social media. I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a reason before. It’s time to start a dialogue, because the threat of this invisible enemy has already caused countless tragedies and enormous damage to people’s lives, Depp told his millions of followers, referring to recent events and calling on people to seek safety. He also encourages people to use this time to create something, be it drawing, painting, music or any other creative activity. Do what you think is necessary to brighten someone’s day, says Depp.

In another video hosted by Instagram, Depp also plays a new song he previously recorded with Jeff Beck. It is fitting that it is a cover of John Lennon’s song Isolation, which is linked to the fact that Depp encourages his followers on social networks to stay at home. It’s our version of John Lennon’s sublime song. Lennon’s prophetic lyrics are pure poetry, and the depth of his words seemed to Jeff and me particularly suited to what is happening now, says Depp, hoping that the song will help pass the time for the listeners. You can listen to it in the Instagram message below.

Depp fans can rejoice that he is doing well in the context of very turbulent times for the actor. The problems between Depp and Amber Herd’s ex-wife are well covered. Some of these come from a book by Herd, in which domestic violence is claimed. Since then, Depp Heart has been suing for libel and claims she was the culprit, and her indictment cost her the role of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Earlier this year there were also sound recordings released on which Herd would have confessed to the attack on Depp, and for many this seems to confirm the version of Depp. The charges of both parties have yet to be proven in court.

Depp doesn’t refer directly to his lawsuit against Amber Herd, but he thanks his fans for being there for him, especially at a time when he probably needs it the most. In a more personal way, I would like to thank all of you for your kindness, unwavering support and strength over the years. I’m not just moved by words, says Depp in the last part of his first Instagram video. Since the first contributions of Depp are already very interesting, I am curious what we will see of the actor. You can join millions of others by following the actor now in @johnnydepp on Instagram.

Jeremy Dick in Movieweb
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