JMSDF Indigenous Destroyer Branch for Japanese Tech Tree (Post-WW2): Concept

8 JMSDF Harukaze

The post-war Japanese design, equipped with USN equipment and the advanced Swedish GFCS system, improved fire arcs and accuracy compared to other ships with the same main armament. Its main task was anti-submarine warfare, but it was also well equipped to deal with threats from land and air. It was small and non-intrusive. But because of its defensive role, it was not fast enough.

  • Armament: 127 mm 5″ /38 Mk. cal. 12 x3 (20 RPM, 1800 HE, 2100 AP, range 12.3 km)
  • 40 mm Bofors x8
  • L.S. $13,800
  • Maximum speed 30 kN
  • Surface detectability 7.08 km (base)
  • Aerial detection 3 km
  • Page 1: Limiting the damage
  • Slot 2: Smoke Generator (Japanese)
  • Place 3: acceleration of engine or radar (7.5 km, 20 sec).
  • Trench 4: hydroacoustic search (3.5 km / 5 km) or AA defense firing.

Note: This DD is very similar to Benson’s class, but has slightly better hardware. I can imagine it being a bit more stealthy, but a bit lighter from the HP point of view However, he lacks torpedoes and has two fewer pistols. I suppose it could compensate for its weaknesses with tricks like modules that IJN members don’t have, a slightly increased RoF, and a stronger AA than Benson.

JMSDF Yukikaze (Harukaze class)

Level 9 JMSDF Murasame

The Murasame class was an improvement over the ASW-oriented Ayanami class. Most of its armament was chosen for a defensive and anti-aircraft role. It was known for its “Dutch Slope” foredeck. The main armament was originally intended for Montana. After being used on the Midway, single gun mounts with dual purpose were used on these ships. They gave the Murasame excellent range for surface warfare and flak performance.

  • 3 x 5″/54 cal Mk. 16 guns on Mark 39 Mountain (18 RPM, 2000 HE, 2300 AP, 15 km).
  • Pistols 4 x 3″/50 cal. Mk. 22
  • L.S. 15,000
  • Maximum speed 30 kN
  • Surface detectability 7.2 km (base) Aerial detectability 3.24 km
  • Page 1: Limiting the damage
  • Slot 2: Smoke Generator (Japanese)
  • Place 3: acceleration of the engine or radar (7.5 km, 24 sec.).
  • Trench 4: hydroacoustic search (4 km / 6 km) or AA defense fire.

Note: I skipped the Ayanami class because of its light armament. They were mostly submarine hunters. This class forces the player to make difficult choices when it comes to consumables. I gave the guns a percussion grenade, giving them a larger charge than most 127 mm grenades. This, combined with the absence of torpedoes, would balance out the performance. It has the same range as the Austin.

JMSDF Murasame

Stage 10 JMSDF Teruzuki

The second destroyer of the Akizuki class of the early Cold War It was designed as a flotilla destroyer. It was equipped with the same guns as the Murasam-class destroyer and had torpedo tubes that could be fitted with either imported or Japanese torpedoes. It was designed to handle a variety of tasks.

  • 3 x 5″/54 cal Mk. 16 guns on Mark 39 Mountain (18 RPM, 2000 HE, 2300 AP, 15 km).
  • Pistols 4 x 3″/50 cal. Mk. 22
  • 4 torpedo tubes of 533 m
  • Mark 16 Mod. 1 (10.5 km, 19,033 dmg. , 66kn, low detection).
  • Type 72 Model 1 Option 1 (15 km, 16,000 dmg, 65kn, low detection)
  • Type 72 Model 1 Option 2 (20 km, 16,000 dmg, 45kn, low detection)
  • L.S. $18,000.
  • Maximum speed 32 kN
  • Surface detectability 7.56 km (base)
  • Detectability from the air 3.53 km
  • Page 1: Limiting the damage
  • Location 2: Smoke generator (Japanese) or torpedo reload booster
  • Place 3: acceleration of the engine or radar (7.5 km, 24 sec.).
  • Trench 4: hydroacoustic search (4 km / 6 km) or AA defense fire.

Note: Finally, we named the class Akizuki Teruzuki to avoid confusion with level 8. I searched for various post-war torpedoes and found Type 72 Model 1s from Japan, which are sort of a mix of Japanese and Swedish torpedoes. Japan also had access to American supplies, so I set the Mark 16 as a heavy option. This ship is not as moody or fast as the Hayate, the Harugumo or the Shimakaze. But its range, armament and AA make it nasty when used defensively.


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The native destructive branch of the post-JMSDF for the Japanese Tech Tree (Post-WW2): A concept for the world of warships.

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