Jeddah Travel Guide: Here’s everything you need to know

Popularly known as the gateway to the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina, Jeddah is a charming port city which is the capital of the Western region of Saudi Arabia Of course, the Hajj is one of the main reasons why Jeddah gets so many visitors which has impacted the economic growth, but there are also many other tourist attractions in Jeddah which are equally appealing and has their own share of visitors. In fact, Jeddah is slightly more liberal and forward with respect to their culture compared to the rest of Saudi Arabia which makes it, even more, an attractive tourist destination.

Best places to visit in Jeddah


This is the main of Jeddah and millions of visitors flock in here every here. It a historic old town in Jeddah recognised and protected by the UNESCO. It’s really amusing to see some of the buildings which are almost 500 years old to be such good condition even after so much time. Late afternoon or early evenings are a great time to visit, make sure you check the timings. The buildings still showcase their ancient look which was made of traditional coral stones and wood. You can also do some shopping near the Mekkah gate for traditional items and they also sell gold. Besides, you can also buy herbs and condiments.

King Fahd’s Fountain

The picturesque fountain is just an unskippable attraction in Jeddah. It is visible from all over Jeddah and is the tallest fountain in the whole world, reaching up to 312 metres in height. It is located just off the Corniche in the Red Sea and from Spears Restaurant you can have an unobstructed view of the fountain.

Traditional Souqs in Jeddah

Souqs in Jeddah are colourful and filled with aromas of spices and perfumes down the alley. Some of the peculiar ones include Souk Al Alawi and Souk Al Samak. Souk Al Alawi sells a variety of goods like traditional dresses(abaya), incense sticks and spices and coffee. Souq Sagah sells gold and jewellery. Also, check out public markets like Central Fish Market and Khaimah Market. Central Fish Market is the go-to place for the seafood lovers, it sells the freshest of them. Khaimah Market sells fresh staples like dried figs, dry fruits, coffee and spices.

Art galleries in Jeddah

Art in Saudi Arabia is getting more and more recognition since recent times. Be it contemporary art or the traditional sculptures, there are many art galleries in Jeddah that give you real artistic vibes. Some of the peculiar ones include Saudi Art council, Hafiz gallery and Athar gallery. They hold exhibitions throughout the year and you can check out for the availability of tickets online or on Social Media They use various styles and techniques to create beautiful creations that make us go awe. It’s totally worth the visit. Besides, Art museums like Nesma Art and Jeddah Sculpture Museum also showcase different types of art like garden art etc.

Beaches in Jeddah

Jeddah has its close proximity to the Red Sea and there are many beaches and diving spots to check out. But they are protected and supervised, hence its the best to not pollute the area. Arosat Albahar is a beautiful diving spot for the diving enthusiasts. The Corniches are not really meant for swimming, its meant to be a place for gatherings with friends and family.

Travel Tips for First-time travellers

Make sure to pack the right clothing

As it is a reserved country, it is advisable to pack special clothes like abayas for females. Revealing clothes are strongly not recommended. Also, men should not wear clothes made of silk or gold colouring, it’s considered inappropriate.

Make sure you choose your travel dates wisely

Summer months have very high temperatures hence is less favourable for people with less heat sensitivity. During the months of Ramadan, shops and restaurants would be closed in the daytime hours. But it is more enjoyable in the nighttime with various activities and cuisines to check out. People who are fans of the culture in Jeddah can also book during this time. Peak tourist seasons bring in inflated flight rates, hence book in advance. Or you can rely on OTA platforms like Cleartrip where you can ‘Set up Fare Alerts’ so that you get notified whenever there is a dip in the flight rates.

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