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Jane Pauley is an American journalist, television news anchor and author best known for her work on Morning Joe. She was also the first female presenter of a nightly network newscast in NBC history

Jane Pauley was born on September 26, 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a journalist and author who has been with CBS since 1981. Her husband is Bill Kurtis.

Jane Pauley Jane Pauley is a writer.

Biography of Jane Pauley

Jane Pauley is a well-known American television journalist and novelist who has worked in the industry since 1972. Jane is now a correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning. She is most recognized for her work on NBC’s Today Show and Nightly News, which she has hosted for the last 13 years. She also followed a 12-year Dateline NBC co-host.

Jane cohosted the Today Show from 1976 to 1989, initially with Tom Brokaw and then, beginning in January 1982, with Bryant Gumbel. From 1980 to 1982, she presented the Sunday edition of NBC Nightly News. She became a symbol for professional women, particularly female journalists, after taking after the first female anchor of the show, Barbara Walters.

She became a role model for working moms soon after her first twin birth. Pauley announced her departure from the Today program in October 1989, following 13 years of service.

Jane got over 4000 messages of support when she announced her departure from Today, including one from Michael Kinsley, then of The New Republic, who dubbed her “heroine of my generation.”


Dateline had its 18th appearance in a newsmagazine on March 31, 1992, when it debuted on NBC. From 1992 until 2003, she co-hosted the show with Stone Philips. Jane, on the other hand, astonished NBC by rejecting to extend her contract.

Her choice to quit Dateline, ironically, led to a new job as a daytime talk show anchor. She returned to television in 2004 as the host of The Jane Pauley Program, an NBC Universal syndicated discussion show.

On April 27, 2014, after an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning’s “Where Are They Now” segment and an interview. She started as a journalist and sometimes guest presenter on the program. She’s been on CBS This Morning as a guest host and on the CBS Evening News as a stand-in for Scott Pelley. However, upon Charles Osgood’s retirement on September 25, 2016, it was announced that Pauley will take over as host of CBS Sunday Morning.

Jane Pauley’s age and birthday are shown below.

Jane will be 70 years old in October of 2020. She was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States of America, on October 31, 1950.

Jane Pauley’s partner

Pauley is happily married to cartoonist Garry Trudeau. On June 14th, 1980, the two married. Garretson Beekman “Garry” Trudeau, her spouse, is 71 years old as of 2019. Beekman was born in New York, New York, on July 21, 1948.

Family of Jane Pauley|Children

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Pauley are her parents. Her father, Mr. Richard, was a salesperson, and her mother, Mrs. Mary, was a stay-at-home mom. Ann Pauley, Pauley’s older sister, has always been a role model for her. Jane’s older sister, Ann, has also been her greatest friend, confidante, and supporter.

Ross Trudeau, Thomas Trudeau, and Racheal Trudeau are Pauley’s three children, and she and her husband have two grandkids. Rachael and Ross, two of her children, were born as twins.

Jane Pauley’s net worth is unknown.

Jane is entitled to a $1.2 million yearly wage. Jane is also one of the highest-paid newscasters in the United States She also has a job as a CBS morning anchor for the news update, which pays her well. Pauley’s net worth is believed to be over $40 million.

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Jane Pauley is an American journalist, author, and television personality. She is the co-anchor of CBS This Morning with Gayle King. Reference: jane pauley family photos .

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jane Pauleys first husband?

A: He is her husbands first wife, Barbara Baxley.

Who is Jane Pauley husband?

A: Jane Pauley is married to David Gergen.

Does Jane Pauley have siblings?

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