James Harden drops crucial update on Kevin Durant’s injury

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s superstar James Harden has made an update on Kevin Durant’s injury, revealing that the reigning Finals MVP is “doing well” in his recovery from a ruptured Achilles. Experts have told ESPN that there are currently no timelines for KD returning to basketball activities but it appears he will be out of action for at least six months.

James Harden dropped a crucial update on Kevin Durant’s injury in the NBA. The Houston Rockets star was asked about an update to his own status, which he replied with “I feel good.” Read more in detail here: nba score .


The Brooklyn Nets dominated the New Orleans Pelicans winning 120-105. Kevin Durant and James Harden were the only members of Steve Nash’s Big 3 that were available for the game. Kyrie Irving is healthy, but he can’t play at home since he hasn’t been immunized. The squad played a well-rounded game, sharing the ball efficiently and finishing with 30 assists.

Fans, on the other hand, found it difficult to enjoy the triumph.

Kevin Durant, who exited the game halfway through the second quarter with a serious knee injury, is the center of attention.

Here’s the footage of Kevin Durant’s knee injury, in case you missed it. I’m hoping it’s nothing major.

pic.twitter.com/aIDZcZEZX8 (via Bleacher Report)

January 16, 2022 — Chris Milholen (@CMilholenSB)

KD’s left leg seemed to be hyperextended when teammate Bruce Brown collided with him. Durant first seemed to want to remain in the game and started rubbing the area. However, it seems like the NBA’s leading scorer understood the situation was more severe and checked himself out, then walked to the locker room on his own.

Durant seemed optimistic after the game, according to ESPN’s Nick Friedell, that the injury isn’t too significant. KD believes it isn’t as serious as a similar-looking injury he sustained in 2017.

KD just came out of the Barclays Center with a limp, but he seemed optimistic that his injury wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t as horrible as when Zaza collided with him. He’s not sure whether he’ll go to Cleveland yet; he’ll have to wait and see what the MRI shows.

January 16, 2022 — Nick Friedell (@NickFriedell)

When former golden state Warriors big man Zaza Pachulia landed on Durant’s leg when they were teammates in 2017, here’s what happened:

Kevin Durant rushes to the locker room with a “hyperextended knee” photo after Zaza Pachulia collides with his leg. twitter.com/bmiumUSLvS

March 1, 2017 — Rob Perez (@WorldWideWob)

That was also friendly fire, and he lost time due to an MCL sprain with bone damage.

Durant was soon declared out for the rest of Saturday’s game due to a left knee strain, according to the Nets.

The remainder of the game went off without a hitch. James Harden had a heavy fall, but he is okay. With their stars out, the Nets had six players score in double digits, with numerous members of their youthful core stepping up. Harden had 27 points, eight rebounds, and 15 assists in the game.

Cam Thomas, who scored 20 points and six rebounds, remarked, “It’s sad.” “I don’t want to see Kevin go down, so I’ll probably call and find out what happened to him.” I assume he’s alright, but you never want to see someone get harmed, especially if it’s your brother. I don’t want to see him down, hurt, and out of commission, so I’ll phone and see how he’s doing.”

Kevin Durant’s injury, according to Cam Thomas:

“It is regrettable. Kevin is my boy, and I don’t want to see him suffer. I’ll most likely call to find out what occurred.” pic.twitter.com/2MgKK0EaAZ

January 16, 2022 — Nets Videos (@SNYNets)

Steve Nash spoke about the Nets’ terrible luck and how seldom they’ve had their Big 3 in a game since getting Harden last winter before the game.

“Having James [Harden] in our program has clearly been a huge coup for us. “There’s a lot of bad luck,” Nash said ahead to the Pelicans game. “Last year, the number of games that we were able to play entire was…a dozen or fewer, even if you consider those games that James played on one leg.”

After the game, Nash gave the important news that Durant would get an MRI on Sunday.

“Of course, losing him will be difficult. “No one wants to witness that,” the Hall of Fame point guard continued, referring to a hypothetical situation. Nash went on to say that he didn’t know any more information than Durant would undergo an MRI on his left knee on Sunday. He hasn’t communicated with him.

Kevin Durant will undergo an MRI tomorrow morning, according to Steve Nash, after exiting tonight’s game with a left knee strain. pic.twitter.com/jUWtwGtl02 #NETSonYES

January 16, 2022 — YES Network (@YESNetwork)

“As far as KD goes, he’s a tough guy,” James Harden said via YES Network. “Hope he’s not out too long but he’ll heal quickly.”

“I spoke to him at halftime, and he claimed someone bumped into him.” I haven’t talked to him yet since I was simply doing weights after the game concluded. I’ll give him a call. We’ll see what happens after his MRI tomorrow, but maybe it won’t be too awful.”

Do you think the Nets have been bitten by a snake lately?

“Yeah, what happened with K tonight, and then Ky being able to play just road games, and Joe [Harris], Nic [Claxton], LaMarcus [Aldridge], but we’ve been a resilient bunch all year since I’ve been here, and we just have to keep going,” The Beard said. “Keep pushing, keep pushing,” says the narrator.

What changes the most now that Durant isn’t in the picture?

“It’s time for you guys to step up. It’s easy, guys, you have to step up,” Harden said. “Obviously, we know how good of a player KD is and what he brings to the table every night, so players have to step up and fill that position while continuing to compete our asses off.”

The Nets may get the Big 3 into their lineup on a regular basis one day, far away. But that day has not yet arrived. This MRI should be clear. Durant’s desire to remain in the game with the Nets at initially may be a positive indicator.



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The “when will kd return ” is a question that has been asked by many people. James Harden drops a crucial update on Kevin Durant’s injury.

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