Jabra Elite 65t : True Wireless Inlays With Undeniable Comfort

Jabra Elite 65t : True Wireless Inlays With Undeniable Comfort

Building on the success of its Elite Sport sports earphones, Jabra has added a second pair of True-Wireless earphones: the Jabra Elite 65t. Rather designed for urban use, they have the advantage of offering complete controls accessible from the earphones (which is rather rare in the sector) and include advanced functions designed for daily and/or professional use. Count about 170€.

It’s in the box

Delivered in a small cardboard box containing the key points of the headphones, the Jabra Elite 65t comes with the following items:

  • A transport and recharging case
  • One Micro-USB cable for recharging
  • 3 pairs of bits of different sizes
  • A user’s manual and a warranty booklet

jabra elite 65t

Comfortable and intuitive design

All in roundness, the Jabra Elite 65t rely on a sober and discreetdesign, taking up the bases of the previous earphones of the brand. Much more compact than some competitors (Sony WF-1000X or Jaybird RUN to name but a few), they are built around an all-plastic construction with very correctfinishes.

Certified IP55, they are designed to resist dust and possible liquid splashes. Athletes will also be able to turn to their cousins, the Jabra Elite Active 65t, adding extra protection against sweat. A good point for thrill seekers, even if our pair of the day was at ease during a few running sessions.

Unlike the famous Apple AirPods, which have largely democratized the True-Wireless earphone market, the Jabra pair opts for a in-ear design. Here, the earmolds fit inside the ear canals, not at the entrance. Although this is sometimes a major obstacle for some users, the manufacturer has succeeded in combining comfortable wearing comfort and exemplary stability. Passive isolation is also provided, with the earphones cutting out much of the outside noise.

Three silicone ear tips allow you to adjust the earphones to fit your ears, and a slight twist is all it takes to secure the unit. Without wings or ears, the Jabra Elite 65t won’t move a hair, and it will clearly be necessary to go for it in order to succeed in dislodging them. In use, it is no problem to listen for several hours at a time without feeling the pain usually associated with in-ear headphones. A great feat.

An ultra comfortable fit

Speaking of prowess, special mention for the Elite 65t controls. Where many competitors are content with playback/pause or a vocal assistant, Jabra’s headphones are much more comprehensive in this respect.

The left headset has two buttons on it, which can be used to adjust the volume with a short press, but also to switch between tracks by holding them. You don’t need to take out your smartphone to navigate between the tracks and you can clearly gain comfort over the competition.

On the right earpiece, a single button supports play/pause and phone call handling (single press) and a Hear Through mode (double press) which will be returned to later. It is also possible to activate your voice assistant in the blink of an eye by pressing and holding.

As a bonus, if these comprehensive controls weren’t enough, the earphones also feature a motion sensor that can automatically pause your music when you remove one of the earphones.

Reliable and complete connectivity

The Jabra Elite 65t relies on a Bluetooth 5.0connection, offering a range of approximately 10 metres. A connection which proved to be particularly reliable connection during our tests, standing out again from the majority of its competitors. The two earpieces remain perfectly synchronized and only suffer very rare signal losses, especially in particularly crowded environments.

The headphones also have the advantage of carrying a multipointconnection, allowing you to pair them to two sources simultaneously. You can also switch from your laptop to your smartphone in the blink of an eye without having to disconnect/reconnect the Elite 65t. In addition, they are capable of storing up to 8 devices inmemory.

For fully wireless headphones, the latency of the Bluetooth connection is here rather controlled and it is still possible to enjoy its video content without necessarily feeling a huge gap between image and sound. It’s not perfect yet, but we’ve clearly seen much worse in the area!

Mobile Application and Advanced Features

If, unlike the Elite Sport, the Elite 65t does not monitor your heart rate, it relies on other features that are much more useful in daily use.


These advanced options are available from the Jabra Sound+application, available for free on iOS and Android. From here, you can activate and adjust the intensity of the HearThroughmode, allowing you to use the microphones of the Jabra Elite 65t to stay alert to the outside world. Rather practical, especially if you don’t want to be totally cut off from the surrounding noise (open-space office, announcements in transport, running…).

the microphones allowing you to enjoy Hear Through but also the hands-free kit

The application also allows you to select different equalizer settings in order to adjust the sound rendering according to your musical preferences, to activate a monitoring of your voice during phone calls, to select your voice assistant or to automatically play ambient sounds. This last option is also rather practical when you want to concentrate on a task, for example by opting for a rainy day simulation.


The application is generally very quick to get to grips with and all that’s missing is a active noise reduction module to make the Jabra earphones a real hit.

Sound performance that stands the test of time.

If so far the Jabra Elite 65t are almost flawless, it remains to take stock of the sound performance of these small wireless inlays.

When in use, Jabra’s headphones display a rendered rather convincing, despite a certain lack of neutrality. Fortunately, the various equalizers within the mobile application allow you to adjust the sound signature according to your preferences and/or musical styles.


Still too rare, here the equalizer offers new perspectives to these intras

Listening is generally pleasant, despite low bass (often the case with such small drivers) and high frequencies that can cause some hearing fatigue if the volume is pushed a little too much. Luckily, the excellent insulation of the Elite 65t allows you to enjoy your favourite music without pushing them into their corners. The earphones are certainly not aimed ataudiophiles, but in practice the vast majority of users should findto their advantage.

Another point to note with regard to sound rendering is the quality of telephone calls. As a specialist in the sector, Jabra’s leg is clearly there and if you’re used to spending your day on the phone, the little 65t should fill you up. In quiet or noisy environments, the headphones offer perfectly intelligible capture, as you can see in the example below :

Autonomy at the rendez-vous

If there’s one thing True-Wireless headphones continue to fish for, it’s battery life. An obviously understandable point, as these small devices are so discreet.

With an autonomy of about 5 hours per charge, the Elite 65t is nevertheless a good student in the sector. There’s no need to go through the recharge box every day and the earphones come with a compact case that acts as a portable charger. By sliding them inside, you can then enjoy a total autonomy of 15 hours.


You can follow the evolution of the battery via the application

The recharging of the case was done via Micro-USB. Count about 2 hours for a full charge and about 15 minutes for 1h30 of music listening.


Hard to resist these Jabra Elite 65t. Successfully combining a stable and comfortable fit, comprehensive and intuitive controls, and sound performance that lives up to our expectations, the brand’s latest True-Wireless models are naturally one of the best in the industry.

Easy to take in hand, you quickly forget them once they are in your ears and they are able to follow you throughout the day, whether it is in transport, at the office or for your running session.

Count about 170€ to offer you the Elite 65t. A consistent price and above all more affordable than some direct competitors, such as the Sony WF-1000X (around €200) or the Sennheiser Momentum True-Wireless (around €280).

Jabra Elite 65 T

+ Comfortable design

+ Complete orders

+ Good autonomy

+ HearThrough function

+ Mobile application

+ Efficient microphone

– Lack of sound neutrality

– Slight latency

– No NCA

– Still a little expensive

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