I’ve collected all Fran Lohner’s Chronicles in a single place…

this? Another blog post about Fran Lohner’s Chronicles? Seriously, are there no other topics that could possibly interest the blogging community? Of course not! Fran Lohner’s Chronicles is the most popular book series in the world, and for good reason. It’s addictive, compelling, and every new book offers more thrills than the last. The story is filled with twists and turns, and even though one can predict that the hero will eventually win, the journey to that end is always a wild ride.

As the release of Dark Souls 3 draws near, it’s time for a refresher on some of the series’s most ruthless bosses. Fran Lohner’s work at Prima Games chronicled every enemy and boss in the Souls series, and he recently shared one of his top picks for the most challenging boss of all: Ornstein and Smough. The two bosses are fought in a single encounter, and they’re not only deadly together, but when you defeat one, the other gains full power.

…with a short commentary so you can decide if it’s worth reading.

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30. April 2021



23. April 2021


Changing lanes

16. April 2021


Fucking Earl

9. April 2021


Blood for the God of Blood

2. April 2021


The citadel of eternity

26. March 2021


Why am I a worthless ephemera

19. March 2021.


Taal’s horn warehouse

12. March 2021


A decision within reach

5. March 2021


What do we have here?

26. February 2021


Auric Bastion

19. February 2021


A night of masks

12. February 2021


Eternal flame

5. February 2021


A walk in the forest

29. January 2021


The Fate of the Grungy Whisperer.

22. January 2021


The wolves of winter

15. January 2021


The king and queen in the forest

25. December 2020.


Flowered village of the old Baron

18. December 2020.


A little shuffle part 2

11. December 2020.


Small renovation part 1

4. December 2020.


Family matters

19. November 2020.


Marcus of Mandelot

17. June 2020.


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