It’s Not Wizard is Back. Heat Marcel!

It’s Not Wizard is Back. Heat Marcel!

Fred and Jamy, the two famous hosts of the show C’est pas Sorcier are about to make their return to the world of popular science. Get ready to review their legendary models and their always very clear explanations. A return that will take place on the Internet through participatory financing. We’ll let Fred explain this new project in the video below.

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Stopped since 2014 by France 3, C’est pas sorcier will make its comeback, but in a different form. Indeed, renamed L’esprit Sorcier, this new project will take the form of a website. Of course, the two star hosts and the unforgettable voice-over will be there. Let’s hope Marcel and his truck will also be there. Videos, dossiers, news, the site will also leave a large place for Internet users who will be able to contribute their expertise on scientific or other subjects. The project can be described as follows: The is an ‘educational’ media that gives everyone – small or large – the keys to better understand the workings and mechanisms of our world and thus form an informed opinion on major scientific and social issues.

However, before the project can be launched, it must raise funds online via the KissKissBankBank website. The project has so far raised almost 25,000 euros out of the 50,000 euros needed to complete it. There are still 49 days left, so it seems obvious that The Wizard Spirit will soon land on the Internet for our greatest pleasure.

Are you happy that C’est pas Sorcier is back on the Web?

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