Is Your Home Smart? 5 Interesting Smart Home Gadgets

All the comforts of home… from your phone? Yes, you can enjoy your smart home by way of your smart phone. Turn down your home air conditioning as you prepare to depart your office or turn down your bed AND turn down your bed’s temperature all via apps.

Your home can protect itself, too! From air quality tracking to face recognition mapping, your Smart Home lets you know when something goes awry.

Check out these 5 interesting smart home gadgets:

  1. Netatmo Indoor security camera facial recognition Safekeeping Homes

The Netatmo Indoor Security Camera takes home security camera alerts to the next level. Rather than sending notifications to your phone at every instance of movement, whether it be your loved one or your pet moving about, the Netatmo instead leverages face recognition technology to notify you when someone besides your loved one or your pet is in your home.

And instead of sending a motion alert, which then redirects you to footage, the Netatmo Camera sends to your phone a picture of the face of the person in your home. And if you want to respect the privacy of your family, you can adjust Netatmo’s settings to recognize your family’s faces and to reserve the alerts for strangers.

Whether you need a security camera to check on your children, your pets, your elderly parents, or your vacation home, the Netatmo Indoor Security Camera offers a setting for your needs.

  1. Awair 2: Protecting Air Quality in the Home

Awair 2, the second version of the air quality tracking system, improved on its original product, refining its detection system to quantify toxins, chemicals, fine dust, carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature in your home.

Charting the various levels over time on your smart phone app, the Awair coaches you and your family on methods to improve the air quality in your home. Connecting with Alexa, GOOGLE HOME IFTTT, and Nest among other tools, the air quality tracking system synchronizes the air quality to the remedy. If your carbon dioxide level increases, your synced system can turn on the air conditioning, for example.

The Awair also sends notifications to your smart device when levels rise and when the rise is resolved through your home system’s response. Powered by USB, the Awair is small in size and made of North American Walnut timber.

  1. Chili Technology’s OOLER Sleep System: Keeping You Cool… or Warm at Night

Circulating cold or warm water underneath you as you sleep, the OOLER Sleep System fits snugly over your mattress, providing a hydro-powered thermal range from 55-110°F (13-43°C).

Syncing with your smart device, the sleep system tracks your sleep cycles via the OOLER app, allowing you to tweak your sleeping temperature for optimal results. The OOLER Sleep system, including the hydronic pad, the control unit, and the app is a gadget that regulates your bed temperature to help you enjoy deeper sleep, recover from physical exertion, and compensate for conditions like night sweats.

OOLER’s control unit fits under your bed, contains a large reservoir for water, and features an indicator light for low water. Auto-cleaned by UV light, the system also provides variant ambient noise control to supplement the sleep enhancing effects of the hydro-powered temperature control. Sweet dreams!

  1. Frigidaire WiFi Smart Window air conditioner Cool Down Remotely

Whether (or weather) you control your Frigidaire WiFi Smart Window Air Conditioner from your phone or by way of Alexa, Google, or SmartThings, you definitely don’t have to walk up to your air conditioner and push buttons as the air blasts your face!

Working with both Android and iPhone, the Frigidaire Smart A/C app allows you to control its temperature from anywhere. Forget to turn down the temperature before you left for vacation? No problem. You can do it from your phone.

Stylish and easy to install, the Frigidaire Window A/C also makes it convenient to clean – sorry, your app can’t clean it for you!

  1. Samsung’s SmartThings Hub: Command Control for Your Home

With all of these smart home gadgets, who is going to manage your technology? Your SmartThings Hub wirelessly connects to your smart devices, allowing them to coordinate their efforts to keep your home organized.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home team up with the SmartThings Hub to allow you to voice-command connected devices, or you can automate devices to turn on or off when you open doors, when people enter and exit the home, or when a variety of events take place.

Paired with the SmartThings app for both Android and iPhone, SmartThings alerts you when connected devices detect unplanned activity in your home. The Hub also has built-in WiFi, allowing it to live anywhere in your home.

Need routine? SmartThings is equipped with a Good morning Good Night, and other routines to keep your home running on time and efficiently. And more sweet dreams!

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