Is Paradox Interactive cheating Chinese players?

Several players in China are accusing Paradox Interactive of cheating them by offering their games at a discounted price to Chinese gamers only. The company is able to do this because the languages used in its international releases are not available for translation on the mainland, meaning that all DLCs and other content must be bought from within China using yuan.

Paradox Interactive is a Swedish game developer. The company has been accused of cheating Chinese players in their games.

(Please pardon me!) Sorry for my poor English; I can only explain myself via a translation.)

I’ve been anticipating this moment for three years!

Games have no bounds! I hope the players are treated decently by you!

First and first, I’d want to mention that as a player, I’ve always admired game developers that can create high-quality titles.

I normally like strategy and chess games, and one of my favorites is paradox interactive’s “stellaris,” a space strategy game.

Because I had previously purchased the PC version of this game, when P Club released it on the console platform (PS4/XBOX) in 2019, I purchased the PS4 version. The language notice of the game itself at the shop at the time was. Despite the fact that the game version lags behind the PC version, I like stellaris a lot, and once I’m acquainted with the game principles, there won’t be many problems since I don’t understand the text, so I just believe you’re supporting the manufacturer because he created the game I enjoy.

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Following that, with the intention of bringing the console version up to speed with the PC version, P Club published DLCs one by one, following the version update path.

The DLC language notes of the extra material in the shop abruptly changed to till June 2020, following the introduction of the new DLC (Chinese and English). After buying and upgrading the game and DLC, I discovered that the game’s language settings do not include Chinese, but English does.

At the moment, though, I was overjoyed to observe such a difference. It was believed that P Club will include Chinese into the game. After all, it’s been two years…

P Club has continued to provide new DLC for the host platform and has also updated the game body multiple times over this time, however the majority of the changes are bug patches and interface optimizations, while the Chinese display remains delayed. The language comments on the shop pages of these DLCs, however, remain unmarked (Chinese and English).

I phoned the Hong Kong shop’s customer care and inquired as to why the Chinese version of “stellaris” has not been updated, despite the fact that the DLC language notice in the store indicates Chinese? Customer care responds that the game language comments in the shop are given by the manufacturer, and that he can only direct this question to the manufacturer…

This is an unusual situation.

I’m not sure how many domestic console gamers who like this kind of game would be mislead by such rhetoric in the shop to purchase stellaris… After purchasing it, I discovered that the game is not in Chinese at all…

Until now, the console stellaris published the newest DLC on May 3 (the version progress is virtually the same as the PC version), and even updated the language notes to (Chinese, English, and Korean version), but there is still no Chinese in the game after upgrading the game version.

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The “stellaris: nemesis good ” is an issue that has been brought up by many players. Paradox Interactive has not yet responded to the issue and it is unclear whether they are cheating Chinese players.

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