Is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on Trial Separation? Is their marriage a crisis in Coronavirus?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a trial separation? This issue will be covered in the article that will be published in issue 18 of Zvezda magazine. May 2020. As the couple approach their sixth wedding day (they are married on May 24, 2014), they are told about difficulties in Paradise. Responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic is attributed to a high-ranking celebrity couple who returned home and stayed together. To date, neither Kim Kardashian nor Kanye West have confirmed or denied these reports.

While many media report that the couple is divorced but still lives in the same house, Kim has published some recent pictures of Kanye and the children in her social media reports. She also provided some pictures of her headquarters that were handed out when Kanye West handled the May number.

She even shared a photo of Kanye posing on the bed with Northwest and the two-year-old girl from Chicago. You can see this picture below.

The Psalm in the West was spoken on the 9th. May 2020, and it was a different kind of party for the Kardashian/West family. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the rules of social aloofness, the Psalm could not celebrate his birthday with his many cousins and aunts and with Uncle Rob. Many important events took place when the Kardashians and Jenners celebrated in seclusion.

Until now Kurtney Kardashian, True Thompson and Psalm West had birthdays without big parties.

According to Star magazine, Kanye West recently took the children to Wyoming and left Kim Kardashian at home. The article states that there are so many gaps between them that in reality they only control each other, with no real relationship between them.

That’s what the magazine says.

Kanye seems to want to be with Kim everywhere except Los Angeles. It’s no secret they’ve had problems. First a gospel album he finished a few months ago, then Chicago, where he remembered his roots by buying a house. We’re in Wyoming now.

Looks like Kanye and Kim are still living in the same house in Calabria. Recently she shared the Mother’s Day card from her apartment and was treated in a bed and breakfast.

Kim, however, did not share photos or videos of the abundance of roses or gifts Kanye could have given her on Mother’s Day.

#KimKardashian & #KanyeWest live in separate areas of their home #IAmHot1061

– 7. Hot 106.1 (@Hot1061LTX) 8. May 2020.

Star magazine kept quoting his source.

She’s studying law 20 hours a week. It also keeps pace with Kardashian and other commercial enterprises. Kim is used to Kanye’s fickle behavior and doesn’t even fight anymore. They only keep an eye on you once in a while. They were so cute together. It’s been a long time since we’ve been close.

Some say their lifestyle really is a test separation.

What do you think of the report in Star magazine? Do you think Kim and Kanye are going through a trial separation?


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