Iptv, Streaming, Dark Web: Europol Has Dmantel Over 30,000 Pirate Sites

Maj. December 6, 2019 at 5:26 pm

Europol has announced that it has closed more than 30,000 pirate sites including domain names associated with Streaming, IPTV and the sale of counterfeit and illicit products. This major stunt involved the law enforcement authorities of 18 EU Member States in a joint investigation with Europol, Interpol, but also the US Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Centre, among others.

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals, pirated films and series, illegal broadcasting of television programmes, music, software, etc. Europol carried out a sting operation which led to the seizure of 30 506 domain names without providing a list. The authorities also arrested 3 suspects, seized 26,000 luxury goods (clothing, perfumes), 363 litres of alcohol, electronic products for resale and numerous items belonging to the arrested persons. Money has also been seized: more than €150,000 kept in several bank accounts and online payment platforms.

We don’t know if there are any big chunks on the sites that are taken offline. A Press Release from one of the institutions involved in the investigations, the US National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (US NIPR CC), cites three domain names among the thousands seized. These are Lostmoviefinder.com, Istreamitall.com and Lostmoviefound.com, three sites unknown to the battalion. Unable to obtain information on other domain names in the list.
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The operation that led to this dismantling is part of the In Our Sites campaign that was launched by Europol in 2014. It aims to combat piracy and the murky networks of the Dark Web where various illicit, stolen or counterfeit products are exchanged. The aim is to achieve a “safer web for consumers”. At the same time, Europol announced that it had dismantled a money-laundering network. Several dozen people linked to more than 200 “financial mules” were arrested in the course of this operation.





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