Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 Plus: O Buy It at the Best Price, in a Shop or From the Operators?

Article updated on 16/11 with new offers from operators.

Here we go again for one of the chestnut trees from Tech. During September, the problem of buying the new iPhone at the best price or even to find one available in stores is irremediably posed. An unavailability that will have to wait until the day of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus release on September 22nd. For if these iPhone 8s do not offer the (expensive) break from the iPhone X, they feature a restyling with a glass case, mark the arrival of wireless charging and benefit from a significant drop in price compared to the 7 and 7 Plus of last year.

As an illustration, last year we had to give up €1129 to buy an iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB, Apple is now asking €1089 for an iPhone 8 Plus with the same capacity, it’s a gift…

If you’re not overwhelmed by the novelty, remember that the older generations of iPhone, 6s,7 and SE, also benefit from some attractive discounts with the release of these new iPhone.
Before you take out the credit card or wander the tarmac in search of an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, here are a few recommendations.

Public price

First of all, let’s recall Apple’s price list:

As usual, most resellers are in line with Apple’s recommended retail prices, so it will probably be a few weeks before the iPhone 8 good deals start to come in. Currently, excluding retailers, the most attractive prices are with operators without commitment, we will come back to this.

In the meantime, you can already pre-order the new iPhone 8 at the usual retailers according to your consumption habits, with the possibility of picking up the iPhone 8 in store on D-Day at Fnac or Darty for example, or delivery (possibly also on D-Day or even a little earlier) at the market’s wholesalers, Amazon and Cdiscount and operators.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus available for pre-order:

  • Darty (recommended retail price)
  • Fnac (recommended retail price)
  • Cdiscount (recommended retail price)
  • Apple (recommended retail price)
  • Amazon (recommended retail price)
  • Sosh (20€ discount)
  • RED (30€ discount)

No obligation or cheapest.com

We can never repeat it enough, it is more interesting to buy your smartphone nr and subscribe to a no obligation offer than to commit to a 12 or 24 months operator offer with subsidy. The costs smoothed out over one or two years of subscription will save more than €200, provided of course that you can get rid of Apple’s demand for a naked iPhone in one go.

For the moment, two offers are available this Friday, September 15, RED (SFR) which offers the iPhone 8 from €779 in 64 GB (a €30 rebate that’s still good to take) and Sosh (Orange) which offers it at €789 in 64 GB (a €20 rebate). Proposals that are all the more engaging as they currently benefit from discounted packages orvery complete packages with increased data.

Our choice:

  • In search of the lowest price, you’ll have to go to RED, opt for the 30 GB package (+ 3 GB in Europe) at 10€/month (price valid until 20 November) and grab the iPhone 8 64 GB at 779€. Over one year of subscription, the whole package will cost you 899€, unbeatable. For the iPhone 8 Plus (still in 64 GB), add 110€ to thissimulation.
  • For frequent travelers, Sosh is very interesting with its 20 GB offer (20 GB are usable in Europe) at 19,99€/month; theiPhone 8 64 GB at 789€.  Over one year’s subscription, the whole package will cost you €1028.88. For the iPhone 8 Plus (still in 64 GB),add 110€ to thissimulation.

Please note that this guide will be updated according to offers from resellers and operators.




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