Internet: 6.8 Million French People Do Not Yet Have the Minimum Dbit of 3 Mb/s!

At the moment, ISPs only have the words FIBER and 5G in their mouths! But unfortunately, many French people have to cope with internet access with a speed that struggles to reach the minimum quality estimated at 3 Mbps.

Penalized rural areas

This is revealed byUFC-Que-Choisir with its Fixed Internet Observatory. With the analysis of 32 million pieces of data, the consumer association was able to highlight the fact that 6.8 million French people did not have access to an internet connection with a minimum speed of 3 Mbps. This represents 10% of the French population and concerns a majority of French people living in rural areas.

It should be noted that 52.2% of consumers have access to very high-speed broadband (i.e. 30 Mbps downstream) and 19.1% of the population cannot accessbroadband, i.e. the equivalent of more than 8 Mbps. Concerning the debits, the association also points out that the gap between the announcements and the reality is so large that it deviates from. As an example, for fibre, in villages with less than 1000 inhabitants, operators promise a throughput of more than 200 Mb/s but only 49 Mb/s on average in the field.

On the ADSL side, the UFC also shows that rural areas are the least well served with an average speed 43% lower than cities with more than 30,000 inhabitants.

The association points out that the State is lagging far behind despite the development of the Very High Speed Internet Plan. A situation that may well penalize many French people for many years to come. The association believes that, in areas where fibre installation is not possible, a strong increase in throughput on the historic copper network can be a beneficial alternative to fibre.

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