Intel unobtrusively introduces a new Xeon Platinum 8284 CPU, an enhancement to the Xeon Platinum 8280. It offers just 300 MHz of additional frequency for a price tag of nearly $5500 more. Its rate is thus $14,560 and the energy bill is just as high, since the TDP is increased from 205 to 240 Watts.

Intel Launches Xeon Platinum 8284 Cpu With 28 Cores and 56 Threads for $14,560

It’s not just in the field of consumer CPUs that Intel is under pressure from AMD. The competition is just as fierce in the professional segment where the red team is particularly aggressive with its Epyc CPUs that cost much less than their counterparts on the other side for similar or even better performance. From the top of its pedestal, Intel doesn’t seem to be worried, as evidenced by the price of its Xeon Platinum 8284 CPU, which brings a little more power at the price of a higher TDP, but not that …

Xeon Platinum 8284: when Intel offers 300 MHz more at a premium price

The most expensive representative of the 8000 series was the Intel Xeon 8280 with its 28 cores, 56 threads, 2.7 GHz base frequency and 205 watt PDT, all for $10,009. The new catalogue entry does not greatly improve technical capabilities. Clocked at 3 GHz, the Intel Xeon 8284 offers 300 Mhz of additional frequency for the same Turbo Boost frequency (4 GHz). To take advantage of it, you have to pay almost 5500 dollars more and that’s not the only price you have to pay.

The CPU has a TDP of 240 W (additional 35 W), but the Tcare index, which is the maximum temperature supported, increases from 85°C for Xeon 8280 to 65°C for 8284. As a result, the processor requires a special cooling system as explained on the AnandTech website. The Xeon Platinum 8284 is also not displayed in Intel’s ARK database.

This means that it is reserved for a handful of partner companies who request it. Finally, it is not the most powerful professional CPU available in the catalog. Intel has recently introduced the Xeon Platinum 9282 with 56 physical and 112 logical cores, all with 400W TDP.

Source : AnandTech





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