Indie Games Releasing on Steam in March 2022

Indie games release on Steam every month, and March 2022 is no different. Whether your game of choice is a first-person shooter or an exploration-driven puzzle title, these are the best indie releases for that month.

The “upcoming indie games 2022 ” is a list of upcoming indie games that will be releasing on Steam in March. The list is updated monthly and can be found at the official website.

Release of Independent Games on Steam in March 2022

In the gaming business, the middle of summer and immediately after the holidays are two times when less exciting games are released. Every developer, after all, wants to make sure their games are out in time to either become the summer’s hottest item or to be on store shelves in time for Christmas. This is the reason why the first few months of a year are often a bit dull. But once March arrives, both in the independent sector and at the top echelons of the business, things really start to heat up. Here are some intriguing independent games that will be available on Steam in March 2022.

There are a ton of new games released every day on Steam, but here are a few indie games you may want to take a closer look at:

  • Three Shadow Warriors
  • A Story in Music
  • Strange West
  • Coromon
  • Enjoy Your Death

Release of Independent Games on Steam in March 2022

Three Shadow Warriors – March 1st, 2022

Release of Independent Games on Steam in March 2022 - Three Shadow Warriors

The first two Shadow Warrior games (which were themselves a reboot of a Duke Nukem-era shooter) employed an eclectic mix of technology and mysticism. While you were fighting demons and monsters, you were doing so with both magic and good old-fashioned lead and explosives. For Three Shadow Warriors, though, they’re leaning more into the mystic side of things; you still use plenty of guns, of course, they’re just… magic guns. Additionally, with the addition of a wrist-mounted grappling hook, you have much greater freedom of movement in combat areas, all of which are designed with a gorgeous Japanese folklore inspiration.

A Story in Music – March 4th, 2022

Release of Independent Games on Steam in March 2022 - A Story in Music

As the great Stevie Wonder once said, music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand. Even when the world we live in makes no sense and drives you in circles, the power of good music can give you the clarity you need. That’s definitely what Gabriel, the protagonist of A Story in Music needs, as an unknown accident has left him comatose and swimming in his own mind. To retrace his steps, you’ll need to play his band’s songs (26 original songs made for this game, by the by) and witness their journey to musical stardom. It’s a minimalistic story with no dialogue, just music. 

16th March 2022, TUNIC

Release of Independent Games on Steam in March 2022 - TUNIC

TUNIC is an isometric adventure that borrows elements from the first Legend of Zelda and starts you out with very little. Your story’s main character, a young fox kid, washes up on a beach with nothing to guide him save the want to embark on an adventure. You’ll find a ton of weaponry and useful stuff to keep you safe as you travel across this vast, linked continent. It’s interesting that the game’s handbook, which is illustrated in the same manner as an old NES game manual, is one of the valuables. You’ll simply have to play it and find out for yourself if this is merely a playful wink or a hint to some deeper meta-narrative.

Strange West – March 31st, 2022

Release of Independent Games on Steam in March 2022 - Strange West

Contemporary fantasy is one of my favorite genres of storytelling because it’s always fun to think about how fantastical elements mesh with real-world settings. For example, the real-life Wild West was a pretty brutal place, but you know what would make it even more brutal? Magic, monsters, and bipedal horse people. In Strange West, you or a group of friends can star in your own cowboy fairy tale, building out your characters in just about any way you can think of. Be a gunslinger, an assassin, an archer, a spellcaster, or whatever you think will keep you alive in the wilds. This game was created by members of the teams that made Prey and Dishonored, so you know they know how to make an immersive experience.

March 31, 2022, in Coromon

Release of Independent Games on Steam in March 2022 - Coromon

Since Pokemon is a Nintendo brand, there are no Pokemon games available on other systems (Pokemon GO notwithstanding). As a result, independent developers have taken it upon themselves to develop their own spins on the model in order to spread the joy of the original creature-collecting and combat games to a larger audience. One such game that targets animal enthusiasts of all stripes is Coromon. The game has built-in online multiplayer and over 100 Coromon to acquire and fight in a conventional narrative campaign. There are also built-in switches for randomizer and Nuzlocke runs for those seasoned fans out there, but there are also accessibility settings for those who want a more leisurely experience.

Enjoy Your Death – TBD March 2022 (Early Access)

Release of Independent Games on Steam in March 2022 - Enjoy Your Death

Being Death is probably the most thankless job in existence. You work 24/7, nobody is ever happy to see you, and the system barely keeps itself together. When the subordinates of Death throw that system out of whack, not only do they mess up the proper flow of souls, but they also stymie his plans for a seriously-overdue vacation. Enjoy Your Death is a platformer roguelike in a similar vein to Dead Cells where Death needs to venture through his company and give his subordinates some proper “motivating.” If Death is killed, he’ll just pop right back since, well, he’s Death, and after a performance review, he’ll unlock new abilities and modifiers for subsequent runs. And coffee! Death needs his coffee.

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