In UP-Delhi sparring, new message adds fuel to migrant exodus fire

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Published : 1. April 2020, 1:51:25 AM

On Monday, labour migrants returning to the SP sleep in a reception centre in Lucknow. (Express photo of Vishal Srivastava)

In the midst of a conflict between the governments of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi over the exodus of migrants from the capital, a report on the DDM group in Selampura said that people roaming the streets to cross the border could be escorted to Shastri Park, from where DTC buses would take them to the border in Gaziabad. The message is attributed to Div Com and the Minister of the Interior.

This happened two days after two senior government officials in New Delhi were suspended and two others were informed that they could not maintain their absolute integrity and reliability of duty while in seclusion. A government spokesman in Delhi said that they were not aware of such a message and explained that the government of Delhi had not decided at any level to escort people to the border.

Extra Chief Secretary (Transport) Renu Sharma and extra Chief Secretary (Finance) Rajeev Verma were suspended on Sunday, while the extra Chief Secretary (Internal) of Satyagopal and Seelampur, the sub-office of the Magistrate Ajay Arora, gave disciplinary instructions.

sent the alleged message to Arore, Seelampur SDM, but he didn’t comment on it. Also Charma, Verma and Satiyagopal did not comment on this issue.

After the proclamation of the blockade, thousands of migrant workers tried to reach their villages. On Saturday the number of people increased as thousands of people gathered in Anand Vihar and Lal Quan hoping to take the bus to UP. The government of Uttar Pradesh said that the Delhi government deliberately threw migrant workers at the UP border – an accusation that was refuted by MP Manish Sisodia, who described the accusations as petty and ridiculous. The Prime Minister of Delhi, Arvind Keyriwal, has repeatedly called on the migrants to stay in the capital and assured them that he would provide them with food and shelter.

Government officials in Delhi stated that they had not taken a decision to facilitate the outcome of the case. The government is not aware of these reports, which were sent by an official, said an official who did not want his name mentioned.

These officials have been involved in government-led assistance, in particular coordination between the various district officials with regard to shelter and food distribution. The government representative said that both have worked hard to ensure that assistance was provided to migrant workers.

Maybe there’s been a misunderstanding. The officers have worked hard and are pretty high-ranking. Since the issue of services does not fall under the jurisdiction of the elected government, we were not allowed to vote on it, the civil servant said.

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