In the latest campaignSecurity Affairs Qbot uses a new email collector module


QBot Trojan operators are utilizing new techniques of their marketing campaign to hijack reliable electronic mail conversations to steal delicate knowledge from the victims.

Researchers from Verify Level are warning of a brand new development noticed in QBot Trojan marketing campaign concentrating on Microsoft Outlook customers,

QBot Trojan operators are utilizing new techniques to hijack reliable electronic mail conversations and steal private and monetary knowledge from the victims.

Risk actors are using a brand new module particularly designed to gather and compromise electronic mail threads on contaminated methods.

QBot, aka Qakbot and Pinkslipbot, has been energetic since 2008, it’s utilized by malware for amassing shopping knowledge and banking credentials and different monetary data from the victims.

In accordance with the specialists, the QBot Trojan has contaminated over 100,000 methods the world over.

Its modular construction permits operators to implement new options to increase its capabilities.

Researchers from CheckPoint noticed a brand new variant of QBot being unfold in a number of campaigns between March and August as the results of Emotet infections. The researchers estimate that one among these campaigns that befell in July impacted roughly 5% of organizations worldwide. Many of the infections had been noticed in organizations within the US and Europe, probably the most focused industries had been within the authorities, army, and manufacturing sectors.

“One among Qbot’s new tips is especially nasty, as as soon as a machine is contaminated, it prompts a particular ‘electronic mail collector module’ which extracts all electronic mail threads from the sufferer’s Outlook shopper, and uploads it to a hardcoded distant server.” reads the evaluation printed by CheckPoint. “These stolen emails are then utilized for future malspam campaigns, making it simpler for customers to be tricked into clicking on contaminated attachments as a result of the spam electronic mail seems to proceed an present reliable electronic mail dialog.”

The spam messages comprise URLs to .ZIP information that serve VBS content material designed to obtain the payload from one among six hardcoded encrypted URLs.

Upon infecting a system, a brand new module within the newest QBot variant implements an electronic mail collector that extracts all electronic mail threads contained inside an Outlook shopper and uploads them to the attacker’s C2 server.

The attackers might hijack the e-mail threads to propagate the malware.

Verify Level’s specialists have analyzed examples of focused, hijacked electronic mail threads with topics associated to Covid-19, tax fee reminders, and job recruitment content material

The researchers documented a number of QBots’ module inlucing:

  • Executable Replace – Updates the present executable with a more moderen model or newer bot listing.
  • Electronic mail Collector Module – Extracts all e-mail threads from the sufferer’s Outlook shopper by utilizing MAPI32.dll API, and uploads it to a hardcoded distant server.
  • Hooking Module – The module injects itself to all working processes, and hooks related API capabilities.
  • Net-Inject File – The file gives the injector module with an inventory of internet sites and JavaScript code that will likely be injected if the sufferer visits any of those web sites
  • Password Grabber Module – a big module that downloads Mimikatz and tries to reap passwords.
  • hVNC Plugin – Permits controlling the sufferer machine via a distant VNC connection, for instance to carry out Financial institution transactions on his behalf.
  • JS Updater Loader – Decrypts and writes a Javascript updater script.
  • Cookie Grabber Module – targets well-liked browsers: IE, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

“Nowadays Qbot is way more harmful than it was beforehand — it has energetic malspam campaigns which infects organizations, and it manages to make use of a third-party an infection infrastructure like Emotet’s to unfold the menace even additional,” the researchers conclude. “It looks as if the menace group behind Qbot is evolving its methods via the years”

Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, Qbot)



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