Implications of lore after Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

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Behind the scenes at Nefalem

Nefalem’s fanciful preface is essentially a syncretization of Nazism and Scientology.

This is the whole point of Nephalem: as a superior Aryan-Ethan race, Nephalem must exterminate the inferior races to prove that they are the superior race (Nazism) and achieve the eighth dynamic (Scientology).

There are five options regarding Nazism in Nepal:

  • Racial superiority (Aryan and Nephalem races)
  • Degeneration of the superior race (sub-human and human).
  • The fate of the superior race as host race (Master race and the ascension of Nefalem).
  • The dangers of the inferior races (Jews and sinners)
  • Religious genocide (Holocaust and Knaak war on sin)

And there are five options associated with Scientology:

  • The ancient almighty version of humanity (Thetan and Nefalem).
  • The destructive interference of an external being (Xenu, Inarius and Malthael) with humanity to which it leads:
    • Amnesia story (R6 implants and Edirem’s memory wipe).
    • R6 implants and altered world stone).
  • The emergence of a figure of light who could give man his old powers back (Hubbard and Uldissian, founders of Scientology).

Richard Knaack’s War of Sins Trilogy

Nefalem power

It is common knowledge that Nefalem has superior powers. Uldissian was the most powerful of the Nephalem. Not just Nepalem, as the Veiled Prophet says:

His head pounded as he realized that he had the power to do what neither burning hell nor the high heavens could do. He was not only the savior of the sanctuary: He was the god that Inarius himself believed in.

Uldysian managed to push the armies of Heaven and Hell back into their respective kingdoms.

I doubt Uldissian’s apotheosis to the deity was based on the Warcraft epic writing style. His counterpart, Med’an, is one of the most hated characters in Warcraft (read more, item

here, or a video


Thus begins the conflict of history:

Lilith betrayed Inarius and tried to use her children against Heaven. But Inarius killed many of their children. The rest degenerated when Inarius altered the Stone of Peace so that it not only hid the Sanctuary, but also turned the Nephalem into mere mortals. The offspring of the firstborn have become human beings over the centuries.

See how the words transform the Nephalem into mere mortals and become human beings. That means Nefalem and humans are not the same. Instead, the people are a disenfranchised version of Nephalem.

This regression of Nefalem towards humanity is a bit like the thetans of Scientology:

The Thetans fell into disfavor when they began to identify with their creation rather than their original state of spiritual purity. Eventually they lost the memory of their true nature and the spiritual and creative powers associated with it.

Just as people had a larger Thetanic past, so did people before Nefalem. The loss of mental and creative abilities occurs when the destroyed Nephalem are turned into mere mortals. The Book of Cain describes what happened after the war of sin:

Although the war against sin has passed silently through history, we recognize its importance because it testifies to the immense power that all peoples possess. And I would say it’s a war that reverberates through all of us to this day.

I need to add this to My Camp:

Nay, this miraculous creative faculty is a special gift to the Aryan, whether he is asleep or active, because unfavorable natural conditions prevent the active manifestation of this faculty or favorable conditions make it possible.

Although humans are not Nephalem, they do have this special potential, power or gift. And it’s the external factor that determines whether or not it’s expressed, sort of epigenetic.

Performance improvement

These are events from the first book on the war of sin: Bertright:

The nobles’ prediction came true just two days later. So far. Uldissian affected almost everyone in the city. Surprisingly, few have hesitated to acknowledge this gift, let alone deny it.

But Uldissian himself had no such tears. The moment he touched the other man’s hands, the power within him poured out. Uldissian immediately sensed that something was in Romus’ way.

Of course, Uldysian greeted each newcomer and did his best. Though progress had been slow, at least he now had proof that what he had told them was true; besides Romus, nearly two dozen others had shown signs of power. These signs ranged from the healing of minor injuries to the blooming of flowers to a child’s sudden ability to call birds to his hand. No two things are the same.

This Eldissian act looks like something else:

Scientology believes that people have latent, unused abilities. It is said that the increase in spiritual awareness and physical benefits is achieved through a counseling called auditing.

Uldissian acts as a Scientology auditor using Dianetics to release inner strength. According to the official Scientology website:

The person being checked is called a pre-clear, i.e. a person who is not yet clear. A PC is a person who gets to know himself and life by auditing. The period during which an auditor checks a preclear is called an audit session. The meeting shall be held at an agreed time determined by the Controller and the Front Office.

But regardless of experience or background, a person is helped to find not only the areas of psychological distress or difficulties in life, but also the source of the distress. In this way, one is able to get rid of unwanted barriers that hinder, hold back or impair one’s natural abilities, and increase these abilities, so that one becomes clearer and more mentally competent.

But there’s something higher than Pure:

In Scientology, the Operating Thetan (OT) is a spiritual state above Clear. It is defined as consciousness and the desire to harm life, thought, matter, energy, space and time (MEST).

Scientology doctrine defines OT as the highest state. The EO is able to control or govern thoughts, life, matter, energy, space and time, whether he has a body and a mind or not.

Uldissian is not only a Clair in this sense, he is a working thetan. Again, this mental state has many levels. The highest score is

Operation Thetan VIII: The truth is out in the open:

This level of solo auditing gets to the root of amnesia and allows you to realize the truth about your own existence. This is the first level of true EO that results in an increase in strength and innate abilities for the creature itself.

He is of the superior line of the Nephalem.

Of course, this awakening of forces is not really aimed at building a better humanity. It must have dropped like a gun. The Edyremen themselves were founded to provide an army for the Uldysians. Even the healing powers had to bring them back to the battlefield quickly.

This suggests that Lord of Destruction


The Black Knights of Himmler’s Schutzstaffel (SS), a special class of warriors defined by race and blood. They were chosen as the most racially diverse of all Germans. In Himmler’s mind, they were a tangible link between the nation and the primitive warriors who were both superman and gods…. were. They were ruthless true believers…. To this day, the image of an SS soldier gives you goosebumps.

Remember that in the books about the war of sin, the strength of the armies is not equal. The Edirem are both supermen and gods, and true primitive warriors of the second generation. Their enemy is usually the people. It is this difference in power that underlies the creations of both Uldysians and others, and even the angels and demons themselves are nothing. The weak just belong to the wrong side.

Evil Religions

Since the action of the sinner implies the representation of the Uldysians as the greatest good, it is interesting to understand what his motivation is. According to the founder of Scientology himself:

The church, which has been trying to control large crowds for centuries, has become very experienced in this area. And a state that wants to control large crowds and maintain public order will generally be very sympathetic to an activity like the church that uses this ruse of God. You can call it a trick of God, and it is a very simple trick to understand. And that’s what the Thetan did to him.


At this point, in 1953, God is just a gadget, but a few years later, in 1967, Hubbard takes the story of Xenu a step further, saying that a galactic lord had implanted the ideas of Christianity and other world religions into the R6 implant some 75 million years earlier.

It’s thanks to the R6 implant that religion exists, and it does. Meanwhile, at Mein Kampf:

The deeds of destruction committed by the Jews in the various parts of the body of the people are essentially due to the persistent efforts of the Jews to undermine the importance of the individual among the peoples who bear it, and to substitute the individual for the rule of the masses. Thus the edifying principle of Aryan humanity is supplanted by the destructive principle of the Jews; they become the leaven of decadence between peoples and races, and in the broadest sense, the destroyers of human civilization.

According to Hitler himself, Judaism is destroying Aryan mankind. Comparing this to the role of religions in Knaak’s War of Sin trilogy, these false followers undermine the supremacy of Nefalem.

If you combine the concept of the Nazi’s evil religion with that of Scientology, the reasonable conclusion is what Uldissian did. These justifications are consistent, and in The Sinful War trilogy, this is considered correct.

Religious genocide

The conflict in Richard Knaack’s The Sinful War trilogy revolves around the struggle of Uldysians against two religions: The Temple of the Trinity and the Cathedral of Light.

Considered the Book of Cain:

At that time the forces of the Trinity often clashed with those of Uldysyan and his Aediram, and it soon became clear that the Trinity was under the influence of demonic forces. The Uldyssians declare war on the Trinity, destroy their churches and annihilate their holy armies.

In the snake’s cabin:

All concern for these comrades suddenly vanished. They did not care about the lives of his disciples, nor the lives of the innocent people who came to hear his holy preaching. As with the Morlu, the Uldissian traversed the faithful. Screams echoed through the main hall as bodies flew in all directions. Some flew high into the air, others crashed into the walls. Uldissian did not come out unscathed. Anyone who served the troika was dismissed as the scum they were.

In short, the Uldysians committed religious genocide and did not spare even the innocent, as they were cast out as a denial of who they were. This piece shows not only bigotry, but a lack of humanity.

Previous excerpt from the same book:

One more thing, Lord Raonyet.

The man seemed reluctant.

The Trinity is no more. If it grows like weeds again in Toraja, I will come back.

One more time. Raonet pursed his lips. If evil is as you say it is, I will personally rip the grass out of the ground of my city.

You talk about people like they’re weeds. This contempt for human life also applies to the Temple of Light, as is written in the covered Prophet :

As the vision condensed in his mind, Uldissian burned inside with a fury he had never felt before. Diomedes’ son felt like he was going to explode, but he had no way out. He had to hit something, and there was only grass.

As before, fire erupted in the manic life around him. It wasn’t just a fire like the one last night in camp, but a huge emerald fire that swept away the nearest stalks so quickly and so deeply that there was nothing left from which new grass could grow.

And that fire then crossed the area and ran under the Edirem with calculated madness. Of the grass only black dust was left, but no Uldis man was as lonely as he. To her, the flames were like a moment of fresh air caressing her.

There was not a blade of living grass in sight. In fact, the only living things left are Edirem… and not all of them. There were bodies here, here, and too many other places ….

Many of them were children.

Uldysian had no time for Inarius’ innocent victims, though, so he worried about who belonged to him.

The deaths of children and innocent victims did not matter because they were of Inarius. The fact that the Flame of Uldysian Will is biased in favor of those whom it wishes to kill is evident from its character.

To be a hero in this sense is to be insensitive to the deaths of innocent people – to provoke an attack under unprovoked and unresponsive circumstances, and that attack is strategically unnecessary and completely preventable in the first place.

Diablo III

Soul cutter

In Reaper of Souls, Malthael’s Reapers created soul crucibles – essentially a collection of human souls that, according to General Torion in the game, turn the living into Malthael’s deadly creatures.

It’s similar to what happens in Scientology:

The souls of the dead were collected with super-cold tapes, transported to volcanoes on Earth (he mentions them, and they are verified in this article), bombed with H-bombs in volcanoes, collected again with electronic tapes, and transported to Hawaii or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. For 36 days they were subjected to hypnotic implants using audio cassettes and a simple machine that would be very effective in their already shaken state, leaving them clustered and nailed to the ground like demons.

These clods stick to the ground like demons. Volcanoes are also mentioned, which happens to be one of the concepts of Pandemonium. In Reaper of Souls, Tyrael reveals Malthael’s method of achieving his goal:

I have a serious message. Friend. The casting revealed Malthael’s plan, and it’s worse than I could have imagined.

He wants to use the Black Soul Stone to imprint all demonic essences – even the ones left in people’s hearts.

There is a similarity between the demonic essences and

Tathan’s body:

A thetan or BT body is a disembodied thetan trapped in, on or near a human body, and all human bodies are said to be infested by these disembodied thetans or groups of them.

Malthael’s genocide of the human race makes him the lord of destruction.

Dictator Xenu:

75 million years ago, Incident II was perpetrated by the evil Galactic Lord Xenu. He had too many articles. He ordered billions of them from different planets to report to the local tax office. There they were murdered on a Nazi assembly line. Their thetans were frozen in alcohol, packed in small crates, placed in a spaceship that resembled a modern DC-8, and transported to Earth. These two parts of Incident II are specifically referred to as CAPTURE and TRANSPORT.


In its current form, Paragon is a system introduced in Diablo 3 that allows a character to constantly gain power and has no limits. There is an interesting passage from Mein Kampf that mentions this infinity:

Human progress can be compared to climbing an endless ladder. You can’t get to a higher level without climbing the lower rungs first.

Basically, Levels 1 to 70 are the lowest rungs, while the Paragon levels are a process of ascending on an infinite scale, as there is no upper limit. Note that, as in the game, this is not a true infinity. Rather, it is a process that is theoretically projected to infinity.

What doesn’t sound right is that Hitler’s words very accurately reflect the workings of an important game mechanism, which is also a representation of the superhuman legend Nephalem.


According to legend, the Reaper of Souls:

Glorious finds used to attract attention, and when the Rakkis swept across the West, the ruins of this ancient city were one of the biggest attractions. The king was fascinated by the Nephalem and the ancient power they possessed, and it became his greatest desire to unleash their potential. He founded the nearby town of Westmark, probably to satisfy his curiosity and obsession. The lure of potential immortality convinced Rakkis that he himself could be a Nephalem, although after many years of fruitless wandering through the ruins of the city, the only consolation was that his remains were buried inside.

Rakki’s quest in Corvus mirrors the Nazi quest in Atlantis:

Adolf Hitler’s henchman, Heinrich Himmler, had a dream. He believed that the Third Reich was the modern incarnation of the ancient super race. This was his justification for the authoritarian NSDAP regime, his ambitions for Europe – and the persecution of the Jews.

He needed something to prove that Aryan superiority.

And the myth of Atlantis gave him that chance.

If the Third Reich was a modern incarnation of the Ancient Superrace, then Edirem is also a more recent incarnation of the Ancients (first generation of Nefal).

That is the origin of Corvus:

In ancient times, when the world still teemed with the children of Inarius and Lilith, Corvus was one of the first cities founded on a shrine. The community, made up entirely of Nephalem, was certainly a place to keep an eye on, and it thrived for many years.

Now compare that with the words of Mein Kampf:

All that we admire in the modern world, its science, its art, its technical developments and discoveries, are the products of the creativity of many nations, and it may be true that their early beginnings must be ascribed to one race.

The Nazi concept of Atlantis is essentially the same as that of the Nepalese city of Curvus.

Zoltun Kull

Zoltun Culle is one of the most respected characters introduced in D3. And I have noticed that many people sympathize with him (probably against the expectations of the D3 authors) and say that he was right when he said that humanity should embrace its non-metallic heritage. But as Leah describes in the book of Tyrael:

My mother told me that Kull had lured the budding mages into his archives and subjected them to cruel experiments. He drained his blood and extracted his organs, trying to distill his non-corporeal essence.

The Nazis were known for conducting unethical experiments on people to improve the quality of life of the superior race or to find ways to improve conditions in the military.

It’s not known if the authors of D3 forgot to include this obvious legend of Zoltun Kull in the game to incriminate him as a villain (instead of a simple maniacal laugh). The fact that some players sympathized with him and acknowledged the truth of his ideals and then published this story seems contradictory to them.

Temple of the Firstborn

The term firstborn has great significance in Judaism. For example, in the Bible, Israel is the firstborn of God. It should be noted that in both cases the term is ethnologically (referring to the Jewish people and Nephalem) and not legally primogenous.

So who’s in the temple of Diablo 3’s firstborn? Answer: Bloodthirsty people. This is how the cult is described:

When the real Nephalem are not up to the task, the cults kidnap villagers from the area, especially children. Their blood was specially demanded by the cult leader during rituals to strengthen himself.

A notable anti-Semitic slander is the blood slander. Merriam-Webster defines blood libel as follows:

The false and malicious accusation that Jews kill non-Jews (e.g. Christian children) to use their blood in rituals.

Blood libel was Nazi propaganda used to justify their anti-Semitic policies. To face history and yourself:

In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the blood burden became entrenched in religious beliefs. When those beliefs changed, the lie remained. In the 1800s it was often associated with ideas of race. Accusations that Jews are involved in ritual killings are now considered proof of the depravity of the so-called Jewish race. In the 1930s and 1940s, Adolf Hitler and his followers used bloodletting as propaganda.

Also regarding the vidian at the end of the temple:

When we finally make our way through the fortress of sects in the temple, we come face to face with the leader of the Vidian sect, the Lord of Envy.

Vidian is a cult deity that represents envy. This section is interesting because God describes Himself in the Ten Commandments as a jealous God. The significance of the Ten Commandments is that they are the foundation of Jewish law and in fact appear twice in the Bible (Exodus and Deuteronomy), adding to the significance of this self-recording.

That’s the whole device: A temple dedicated to an ancient superior race (though ironically with a changed name) is desecrated by a group of Jewish stars who worship a jealous deity by kidnapping children and draining their blood for rituals.

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