I’m Not an Easy Man, Kodachrome, Dude: What New Films Will Be Available on Netflix in April 2018?

In April, Netflix adds to its catalogue of Iberian SF, Adam Sandler a French film and more.

Previously, Numerama published a single article including all the Netflix news for the coming month. As these are becoming more and more numerous, we have decided to better separate the different types of added content: series, documentaries, films, etc.


I am not an easy man – April 13

After the mess that wasBlockbuster,Je ne suis pas un homme facileis the new Netflix cartridge to seduce the French-speaking world, directed by the young director Éléonore Pourriat who was particularly noticed for having producedMajorité opprimée, a short that went viral. In this one, the young woman imagined a world where women would have precisely the same social place as men. In about ten minutes, she staged various more or less funny situations to spin a feminist line.

Seen nearly nine million times, the court had propelled the director into a new phenomenon, four years after its initial release. Netflix needed no more than that to sign the young director whose viral success was mostly international. ForJe ne suis pas un homme facile, the feminist filmmaker takes her concept and stretches it out in a romantic comedy with Vincent Elbaz and Blanche Gardin.

The Week Of – April 27th

Robert Smigel, author for the SNL, reunites Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in a new comedy tailor-made for Netflix – whose passion for Sandler is well known. For a week, the two actors will compete for the marriage of their children.

6 Balloons – April 6

Presented at the SXSW this year,6 Balloonsis a feature film directed by Marja-Lewis Ryan, the future showrunner of the sequel to The L Word commissioned by Showtime. Despite a lukewarm reception at the Austin Film Festival, the Hollywood Reporter described it as “student work“, the film could make a place for itself in the sun thanks to its cast : Dave Franco and Abbi Jacobson. They both portray a drug-addicted brother and a sister looking for a way to help him. Turning to the experience of the sister rather than that of the brother, the film would like to give a fresh look at its subject.

Dude – April 20

Before participating in the writing of Warner’s next women’s blockbuster,Ocean’s Eight, Olivia Milch had managed to sell her own author’s projectDudeto the young production company June Picture. The latter has established herself as an ambitious young star on the American scene, managing to invite three of her feature films to Sundance and Cannes. Among these, Sean Baker’sFlorida Project(Tangerine), whose critical and international success reinforced the young firm.



By signing Milch, June Pictures gave the young director the opportunity to put into production a screenplay that was noticed in 2013 in Hollywood’sBlack List. After shooting in 2015, the film will finally be purchased by Netflix in the spring of 2017. The cast of Dude includes a bunch of young girls from the small screen: Lucie Hale (Pretty Little Liars), Kathryn Prescott (Skins), Alexandra Shipp (Tornadoof the lastX-Men) and rapper Awkwafina.

At the dawn of their adult lives, the young girls ofDude experience doubt and nostalgia when leaving high school becomes an experience of loss.

Amateur – April 6

The amateur basketball scene, between school disputes, coaches and players, would be much more bitter than the wordamateurwould suggest. Fourteen-year-old Terron is brutally introduced to the mysteries of this universe when his mixtape, a selection of his best moves, goes viral. Performed by young Michael Rainey Jr. as seen in Starz’sPower, written and directed by Ryan Koo,Amateuris a low-budget feature film for basketball fans.

Orbit 9 – 6 April

Órbita 9is a Spanish science fiction film released in 2017, presented at a few rare genre film festivals, including the Belgian BIFFF in 2017, it failed to convince broadcasters and critics.

In the vein of aPassenger,the Iberian feature film launches into this so-called minimalist SF that floods the screens. On a ship, Helena lives alone. She was abandoned by her parents, forced to let the child complete a mission of exploration. One day, an engineer paid a visit to the ship and its passenger. This confrontation will shake up the life of the young woman who, through this encounter, will understand that she is only a laboratory rat on earth.

The 4th Company – April 6

A dramatic feature film about prison in Mexico,La 4ª Compañíaby Mitzi Vanessa Arreola and Amir Galvan, was particularly acclaimed at home. Nominated for no less than 20 Ariel Awards, Mexico’s film industry award, the drama won nine before being acquired for the rest of the world by Netflix. As a synopsis, the platform says: “A violent prison in Mexico City in the 1970s. A juvenile inmate joins the Football Team which also serves as a big brigade for the corrupt administration“.

Come Sunday – April 13

Joshua Martson’sCome Sunday, presented at Sundance 2018, received rave reviews from the American press. The Hollywood Reporter wrote the following at the festival: “Fourteen years after seducing Sundance with his first feature film, Maria Full of Grace, director Joshua Marston returns with, without a doubt, his most powerful film since that heartbreaking drama about drugs and migration. ” Variety is not stingy in compliments either: “Come Sunday is probably the perfect film for Netflix: too accurate and nuanced to come from the religious community, and too devout to receive studio approval. »

Directed by the gifted Chiwetel Ejiofor (Twelve Years a Slave), Martson’s film adapts a story that was featured in NPR’sThis American Lifeseries in 2005. A pastor, seeking to stick to his values, finds himself marginalized by his religious community when he puts forward his doubts.

Kodachrome – 20 April

Before being a movie,Kodachromeis a moving report fromNew York Timespublished in 2010:For Kodachrome Fans, Road Ends at Photo Lab in Kansas. In the latter, Jim DeNike, 53, was on his way to the last American laboratory, which was about to close, to develop more than 50,000 photos taken during his lifetime.

The feature film by Netflix, which had bought the rights to the story, weaves around this anecdote a drama directed by Mark Raso. Ed Harris plays the role of a photographer, soon to die of cancer, who travels across the country to develop his thousands of rolls of film before Kodak and the labs close for good.

Documentary films

Ram Dass, The Power of the Present Moment – April 6

Ram Dass, also known as Richard Alpert, is an American professor of psychology. In the 1960s, he was expelled from Harvard after giving psilocybin to his students. He would later become an influential thinker for post-Vietnam America. His centres of spirituality, his work on psychedelia and his bestsellerBe Here Now(untranslated) will become his legend. As he prepares to die, the researcher delivers his last thoughts to the camera in this documentary.

Mercury 13 – 20 April

In 1961, NASA recruited 25 women and put them through the same tests as the men in the Mercury Seven program. After the tests, there are still 13 women who have proven their ability to go into space. As competent as their male colleagues, none of them will steal.

Article originally published on 1 April 2018

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