Ideas for the next Hitman

  • The ability to lock the doors. Managing the mobility of guards and targets with pass blocking can add a new level of depth to the game. I imagine this can be done remotely with a camera.
  • Saving the invoice passages. Completing the mission without reloading the saves should be rewarded.
  • The mechanics of light and shadow. You can turn off the lights in Hitman, but that’s just for distraction. Imagine a game where lighting affects your character’s visibility. 47 can take cover in the dark and hide bodies. Do you have to walk down the hall? Flip the switch and leave before the NPC comes back to turn it back on. You can shoot, but the sound of breaking glass and the sudden darkness can send the guards into enemy mode. You will also encounter NPCs who carry flashlights. Flashing and uninterrupted lights, as on a dance floor, would have been particularly difficult to see. One way to solve this problem would be to have guards with night vision who can be blinded by turning on the lights.
  • Loss of consciousness. Therefore, you can cause a blackout by blowing circuit breakers and generators to temporarily disable lights, electronic locks, and electrical cameras.
  • Surface-dependent noise. A game where you have to listen to the sounds of certain surfaces requires the player to pay close attention to his surroundings. The sound of a magazine hitting the linoleum floor can alert other NPCs, but not if the impact is muffled by the carpet. Conversely, a coin works on the first, but not on the second. This mechanism can interact with the lighting mechanism and becomes more sensitive when an NPC moves in the dark.
  • Targets with unique vulnerabilities and defenses. This concept was briefly discussed with Dino Bosco, who was wearing a bulletproof suit. Otherwise, every target is equally at risk. What about a target that can’t be smothered or disguised because it’s wearing a necklace? A demolition expert who can defuse mines? A toxicologist who smells poison? A target who has a phobia of everyday things like fruit? An Olympic runner who can run really fast? Or…
  • Blind target with enhanced hearing. What if there was a target you couldn’t see, but could hear? Just the sound of footsteps on a Hard surface can set off an alarm. You have to distract them with other sounds to lure them in.
  • A few targets that you can approach by disguising yourself as another target. I’m surprised you can’t disguise yourself as one of the targets or their double in Hitman. Maybe it’s funny, but I thought you were dead.
  • The ability to interrogate targets. I’d like to see a mission where a second objective, perhaps optional, could be achieved by interrogating the target for information. To do so, they must be cornered or injured before they can be killed. For example, you may be asked to interview a cryptocurrency mogul who has embezzled billions from his stock market to recover funds. An additional task would be to confront them and prevent them from escaping, perhaps by locking the door.

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