(Idea) A New Customisation Tab focusing on Class Abilities

The game is the first to implement a new customisation tab. Class Abilities allow players to build their character by selecting and combining unique skills that suit different play styles.

The “css input:focus border” is an idea that I have. It would be a new tab on the customisation menu, focusing on class abilities.

“Customisation” is a new collection tab. It would be a redesign of the glyph system, with an emphasis on customizing class spells.

It’s divided into four tabs.

(Because the animations don’t post to reddit, you’ll have to look at them on imgur.) 5HL8Txn - (Idea) A New Customisation Tab focusing on Class Abilities



The first option is “Summonable Forms,” which focuses on existing models and assets in the game.

This would apply to any class that can summon anything, like as elementals, minions, mage tables, and so on.

You may, for example, modify your imp model to one that already exists.

(Not only can imps come in a variety of skin tones, but they also come with a variety of fire effects, giving you plenty of possibilities)

nyzk1v058nl81 - (Idea) A New Customisation Tab focusing on Class Abilities

Warlock Imp Summonable Form Customization

(I wrote a similar article last year concentrating just on summonables, which you can see here: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/lkjrhb/a new collection tab and other suggestions/.)

https://web.archive.org/web/20210215203721/ https://old.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/lkjrhb/a new collection tab and other suggestions/

(old idea mock up: https://imgur.com/a/y85QZr1)


The second option is Spell FX, which allows you to adjust the color of your spell’s impact.

I utilized the example of warlock green flames as a starting point. However, instead of all spells or none, it is just for specific spells.

Imagine if the Covenants of Shadowland were only ornamental. Some of your talents may have a blue/black tinge if you choose Night Fae as your race.

(The game already has five distinct color swipes and three different wrath colors.)

Druid Swipe FX Spell Animation Customization

Druid Swipe FX Spell Animation Customization

Druid Wrath FX Spell Animation Customization


Character Animation is the third tab, and it allows you to customize the animation of each spell.

What if your Kul Tiran was a monk, but you want a more pugilistic brawler?

You may, however, alter your palm strike to a punch instead.


This may also be carried in several ways, such as various martial art animations. Allowing you to change the orientation of your class without having to create a new subclass

(This would be the most resource-intensive and ambitious, but it would include things like modifying the way your character swings their weapon and so on. (I believe this is what the dancing studio was supposed to be))

Monk Tiger Palm Character Animation Customization


The fourth option is for General Affects, which includes modifying the effects of your hearthstones, among other things.

They’re already in the toybox, but if you go to this tab, you can see how they’ll appear.

Gathering information on professions, for example, is one of the numerous things that may be done.

There’s also the opportunity to choose a few special emotes that are exclusive to NPCS.

uwtwj7vb8nl81 - (Idea) A New Customisation Tab focusing on Class Abilities

Options in the General Customisation Tab

These goods will drop in the same location as other collection tab objects such as mounts (i.e. raid, professions, quests, etc.)

Everything you see is already in the game files. (With the exception of the UI mock-ups)

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The “input:focus css not working ” is a problem that many people have been experiencing. This is due to the fact that the customisation tab has been removed from the game and replaced with a new one, which focuses on class abilities.

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