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La Manoir de Paris welcomes Dr. H and his revolutionary fear therapies for Halloween. A horrific dive, superbly staged and served by actors of great talent. Enough to startle even the most hardened horror movie buff.

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  • Saturday October 26th, 2019 at 10:00am

The Manoir de Paris is a unique attraction, the only haunted house worthy of the name in the capital. One of its charms is the building that houses it, the former shops of the faience factory of Choisy-le-Roi.

Listed as a historical heritage site, its stained-glass façade and walls covered with sublime ceramic decorations are worth the detour alone. However, if we go to 18 rue de Paradis in the Xth (metro Poissonnière, Bonne Nouvelle, Gare de l’Est), it is not only to admire this building, but especially to experience the great thrill of Halloween. 

Dive into the world of a mad doctor

Usually the Manoir de Paris stages the macabre legends of Paris such as the ghost of the Tuileries garden, the vampire cellar, the bloodthirsty pastry chef or the cabaret of assassins. On Halloween, these gloomy characters take a few weeks off to make way for Dr. H and his team.

It then becomes the Asylum Manor, a new kind of asylum with revolutionary methods. Although some people talk in hushed tones about horrific experiments more than medical treatments, there is nothing to confirm his information. We are invited to discover him during his visit to Paris. What we have done with the greatest pleasure likes to discover innovations even at our own risk.

Waiting is the price of success

You have to take it as a patient when you get to Asylum Manor. Indeed, on nights of influence and school holidays the wait is very long. The tail can easily exceed 100 meters. Let us salute the organization and the quality of the teams who know how to be pleasant and guide us with a smile. However, waiting more than an hour in a questionable weather is not the most pleasant part of the experience. The only solution to avoid this is a Fastpass ticket that allows you to cut the queue and significantly reduces the waiting time.

The closer we get to the entrance, the more we hear cries of laughter and concern. Once in front of the door we have to queue one last time to start the tour of the asylum. It is possible to stop in front of a photocall, it is forbidden to take our own photos with our smartphone. You will have to discover the result at the end of the visit in the shop and pay to get it (15 euros) .

I mean, some nights there are a lot of teenagers, but a lot. If hearing them scream for a little bit makes you smile at first, it ends up being tiring, very tiring. The visits are done in groups of ten or so and we have paid for them. Far be it from us to criticize their way of living this experience, but adults or a family may want to feel it with less shouting and more intensity. Actors saved us by leaving enough space between our adult group and the hysterical young voices. Don’t hesitate to wait a little longer and join a group that seems more in line with your state of mind. 

The horror brilliantly staged

The attraction is a long walk (about 30-45 minutes) over two floors. Little by little we will discover each place that makes up the Asylum Manor, the showers, canteens, cells and places without medical functions, but colonized by strange beings. The quality of the decorations is to be applauded, the Manoir de Paris knows how to perfectly create atmospheres, finely working every detail, play of light and shadow. At times, we really feel like we’re in a horror movie. Especially when a doctor asks you questions with a strong light behind him.

Impossible to tell him apart except for a strange growth protruding from his neck. If the technical part is finely chiselled, the actors are of an even higher level. Perfectly grim, to the point that their sight alone gives the shiver, the actors’ acting is truly immersive. They know how to adapt to each group, locate the “ petits rigolos ” to get them involved. We have no right to touch the actors, but they can (within reason). The intonations of voices, the cries, the delirium of each character finalize our immersion in this asylum. The interaction is real, dynamic and the scenes follow each other quickly without having time to think too much. Disadvantage, we would sometimes like to “ flaner ” a little and admire the work of the decorators. This frustration doesn’t last long enough, because regularly we get our little rush of adrenaline, chills and for some of us real fear.  


Manoir Asylum is a true artistic and immersive success, a family attraction to share with teenagers (from 12 years old) or with friends. The actors are attentive to the “ niveau ” of their interlocutors, know how to adapt and push the cork a little to make you shiver, even frightened, but without going too far. The scenes in total darkness are still very disturbing. Even the greatest horror movie fans will jump more than once, or even be really terrified for a short time However, at 32 euros per ticket or 42 euros in FastPass, it is still a rather expensive outing, especially if you go out with your family. However, the experience is worth the detour and allows you to experience a Halloween worthy of the cinema. 

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