I would love to see an “expansion” just based on making the world seem more alive and focused on player interaction as opposed to endgame.

Each patch is similar to the current Warcraft island. The rest of the world feels disconnected and empty – perhaps even more so than today.

I feel like a version that focuses solely on improving the immersion and social aspects of the game, while trying to make everything in the world relevant, would be great for long-term health…..

Just a few ideas, but… :

  • Have world quests appear all over Azeroth, everything is at the player’s level. Can be unlocked for an older zone such as Duskwood with the completion of this zone quest. Maybe they don’t offer mass exposition, but an alternative to leveling and could have some toys or cosmetics at max level. Maybe even the usual dungeon equipment or something.
  • Scaling of world bosses and old raids/dungeons to be feasible with current max level and leveling. There are challenges that are scalable, so people can actually create content if they want to, and not go for it all at once. Maybe there are item levels below the current raid level, etc., so the main raid stays the most visited….. But basically TW raids that can be done at any time with guilds or pugs can be fun. Other games have done it, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, but there’s no reason to throw away fun content that some people have never experienced.
  • Day/night cycle… I think it should come back with darker nights. It makes things more compelling. On that note, maybe quests, monsters, etc. that only appear at night or during the day. IE, maybe the woods are more dangerous at night, blah, blah, blah ….
  • The interaction between the players and the community should be of great value. With games like WoW or SWG, you didn’t just have to log in and out daily. People created their own entertainment and activities, etc. because 1. They were nice and 2. He had a purpose. I would rework things like open world PvP areas with node control, more quest chains that you can do in groups. The professions could be made more interactive. For God’s sake, let people have a profession like hairdresser or whatever.
  • More open world content in general. Open world PvP was probably more fun than battlegrounds. Bosses in the open world can sometimes be more accessible than in a raid. I’d love to see open world bosses over Azeroth that scales to the number of players nearby or something.
  • Guild Halls, Player Housing. Mainly garrisons, but you can expand from there. We should have some sort of garrison or town that we can build with the guild. Maybe show some trophies or something. Player housing can literally just be a garrison, but it has to remain relevant. Maybe add mannequins or something so people can display armor, weapons, etc. It’s obviously not as deeply built as SWTOR or Wildstar housing, but it adds an element to the game.
  • If you want to make war mode something, make more achievements that reward playing in war mode and raiding another city or something.

Id. I just want the world to be a little more compelling. What are your ideas?

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  • The MIR reader can always be connected to the ICEBORNE reader.

https://www.inside-games.jp/article/2019/06/13/122892.html Question:–仕様周りも少し聞いていきたいのですが,「アイスボーン」購入者と非購入者のマッチングはどうなりますか? Answer:辻本氏 : 今回は,「アイスボーン」を導入した時点で,『ワールド』のセーブデータが「アイスボーン」のものに変わりますが,その状態でも『ワールド』本編しか持ってないプレイヤーと一緒に遊ぶことはできます。だし,マスターランクのクエストへ一緒に行くことはできません。 また,『ワールド』本編のみのプレイヤーは「アイスボーン」から追加される新アクションは使えず,逆に「アイスボーン」購入者は,本編のみのプレイヤーと遊ぶときでも新アクションを使うことができます。 それとは別に「アイスボーン」を購入したけど『ワールド』本編をまだクリアしていないという方もいるかと思いますが、そのような状態でも、新アクションは最初から使うことができます。今回追加されるアクションは、狩りに幅を持たせられるものが多いので、素の状態で本編を進めるよりかは、多少駆け上がりやすくなっているとは思います。 Google Translate Q : — I wanted to ask you about the specs, but what about the overlap between Icebourne buyers and non-buyers? Mr. Tsujimoto: At that time, when the Ice Board was introduced, the data stored in the world would be changed…..

  • I love MSU.

So for the past few months, I’ve been playing MHGU one after another whenever I had time. I played MHG on the 3DS, but never got very far, so I was happy to play MHGU, even though it was similar. I thought I was pretty spoiled by this game, since I already ….. knew

Post I would love to see an expansion for World of Warcraft based solely on making the world more alive and focusing on player interaction rather than endgame.

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