‘I probably underestimated the ability of Babar Azam’

Stain went on to say that he loved the fight with Azam and was looking forward to the next time they would come face to face with.


Published – 14. April 2020. 13:45 | updated – 14. April 2020 13:45 ppm

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Dale's Stone and Babar Azam Dale’s Stone and Babar Azam. (source: Twitter)

Babar Azam is one of the most talented players who recently came from Pakistan. The right fittings are on average larger than 50 in ODI and T20I cases. Azam has been playing cricket impressively with the cricket of the white ball in recent years, but last year he stepped up his game in test matches.

He won a red cricket race last year. During a Pakistani tour to South Africa 2018-19. Babar Azam has played some brilliant moves facing players like Dale Stein and Kagiso Rabada.

Dale Stein says he enjoyed the fight against Babar Azam.

Stain praised the round played by Babar Azam at Newland Field in Cape Town in January 2019. In the second set, he scored 72 runs with only 87 balls. In this set, Azam beat 15 fours and played a big set, even though his team fell apart. Stain showed that he had underestimated the abilities of the Pakistani batter and bowled, scoring a few goals and running away.

I think it’s great that Babar went out and played with this aggressive thought. I know I bowled five times in a row to give him a chance to get into that role. I think I probably underestimated his abilities, the stain said in a conversation with Cricket in Pakistan. He had some really good CDs. I was thinking of sending him, but he might as well join us.

Then Stein said he loved the fight with Azam and he was looking forward to the next time they would face each other. He said the sleeves were a springboard for Babar.

Since then, he’s made a billion journeys. He used it as a springboard because he took her to the cauldron, which in his eyes was one of the best. That’s very good. It’s a good thing everyone has a cat and a mouse. Next time we meet, he’ll come back to zero. The past will play no role. It’s very good that he’s become as good as he is now, he added.

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