I hate the „retreat“ possibility for fleets and I think it should be reworked dramatically. Here is why:

The „retreat“ mechanic from Galactic Civilizations is a deeply intriguing idea, which forces players to make difficult decisions about the future of their empire. However, its complexity often leads new players toward less successful strategies and makes it more challenging for experienced players to understand the best move based on what they want out of life in space.

The “stellaris breathing rift” is a feature that allows empires to retreat from enemy territory. This makes it harder for the player to maintain control of their empire and can cause a lot of problems. I think this feature should be reworked dramatically so that it isn’t as powerful as it currently is.

stellaris 7 - I hate the „retreat“ possibility for fleets and I think it should be reworked dramatically. Here is why:

  1. Roleplay. As a beginning point, remember that you can’t sink a ship a little at a time. Either it is destroyed and sinks to the ocean’s bottom, or it is not. I don’t understand how magical vanishing followed by teleportation could be justified. This mode of transportation is quicker than hyperlane travel, but it is only accessible when the world is on the verge of extinction. This is bizarre, and I don’t care for it.
  2. Strategy. Everyone has been in a situation where they were fighting a battle in which their opponent had a large numerical advantage. Pulling up upsets is absurdly difficult because to the ability to withdraw your ships without absolutely little cost. For example, I was a severely constrained megacorp yesterday after playing a multiplayer game with a buddy (I only had roughly 15 systems and 4 planets), but I had a very powerful fleet owing to my wealth. My next-door neighbor, on the other hand, was the polar opposite. I’ve been outteching him, and every single one of his fleets has been considerably inferior than mine (around half the power I had assembled per fleet). The primary difficulty was that I n’t make any significant progress since, despite winning almost every battle, I was forced to fight the same fleets over and over again because they were constantly withdrawn, repaired, and then launched at me again. And this empire possessed a plethora of ships. Dealing a decisive blow is very difficult owing to the aforementioned factors; it may seem like chewing gum at times, and a Blitzkrieg is almost impossible.
  3. Performance is the cause to govern them all. More fps with less ships.

So, how would I modify this mechanic? I wouldn’t get rid of the whole retreat mechanism. It simply seems wrong to TP your fleets out of battle. However, a replacement was required. Because, well, there have been retreats in real life, a fleet requires the ability to escape a conflict. So here’s what I’m thinking: Lock the option of magical TP retreat behind the subspace navigation tech (apparently you know how to TP your military vessels from the start, but it’s a purple tech for research ships) and significantly reduce the possibilities of each ship escaping. Add a new mechanic to your fleets, like as a Battle stance. The posture “retreat” would considerably improve your sublight speed and prevent you from being interrupted while charging the hyperdrive, but it would also significantly diminish your offensive capabilities and permanently destroy your ships while engaged (0.25 percent hull per day or sth. while disabling regenerative tissue). You might keep withdrawing your ships in this manner, but it would be a strategic factor in and of itself.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my salty Ted presentation.

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The “what is a fleet ” is the term used to describe the group of ships that you command in a game. In this case, I am talking about Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. The retreat possibility for fleets should be reworked dramatically because it makes no sense to me that my entire fleet would just run away from one ship and leave all my units behind.

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