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and Neopica have released their Hunting Simulator 2 for next-gen consoles with technical improvements and additional content for hunters. Hunting Simulator 2 has many features that take full advantage of next-gen consoles. It enables the traditional 4K, 60 FPS for PS5 and Xbox Series X that almost every new next-gen release brings. For a full review of Hunting Simulator 2, be sure to check out our PS4 version, as this review strictly compares the PS5 version to the PS4 version, and reveals how much the game has improved. Here’s our test of Hunting Simulator 2 on PS5, where we track some animals in 60 FPS and 4K.

Usually the platforms I use for my comparison tests are different, but this time I was able to compare the same platform but different generations. After reviewing the original PS4 version, I could see many notable differences between the PS4 and PS5 versions, some of which were immediately noticeable from the first moment I played the game on PS5. This is probably due to the loading times of the game. Taking full advantage of the PS5’s blazingly fast memory and greater CPU power, load times are literally very short, and I can’t recall a single instance where I spent more than 2 seconds watching the loading phase.

Thanks to the size of the maps in Hunting Simulator 2, loading times are significantly reduced and literally non-existent. The screen appears and disappears within 2 seconds after it is displayed. This is a significant improvement over the PS4 release of the game. When you finally emerge from your hunting cabin, you also immediately notice that the foliage is denser and the vegetation more detailed. Not only is the look more detailed and better, but the ground is now covered with more bushes and patches of grass. While the PS4 version was okay, the PS5 version increases the level of detail and amount of vegetation on the maps.

This goes both ways, as more vegetation means an even more difficult hunt because you can’t see through the dense vegetation, but you definitely enjoy the game more because it feels more realistic. Thanks to improved soil conditions, bloodstains and footprints are now easy to find, and sometimes it is even possible to follow them to the animals themselves. As for the animals, the fur now looks much better in the mid and high frequencies, but when zoomed in, the fur sometimes looks a little strange and misshapen. The mecha does not appear to have been redesigned or improved for the next-gen version of the game, and is still the same as in the PS4 version.

The rendering distance on the PS5 is also much better, but it’s still a bit annoying on open maps where large areas look visually very weak and only fully rendered when you get close. While the PS5 still has its visual limitations, the game is still flawed and I think it could have been a little better. This is especially noticeable in outlying areas, where remote locations look like something straight out of a PS2 title with little rendering or visual effects alone. Most maps don’t allow for such a good view, but two maps in the game have huge open plains with high mountains that give you a clear view of those plains, and the graphics really fall short here.

As for the DualSense controller, Hunting Simulator 2 doesn’t really take advantage of most of the controller’s new features. I felt the most feedback when both legs vibrated in both parts of the controller. The right foot vibrates the right side of the controller, while the left foot vibrates the left side of the controller, creating a rhythmic vibration as your character walks or runs through the game. Unfortunately, despite being a shooter, the adaptive triggers don’t offer much better feedback. You use them normally to aim and shoot, with no resistance or anything, which is a bit frustrating. Moreover, the additional use of extended feedback triggers or DualSense adaptive triggers is not necessary. The developers were probably too lazy to add additional feedback for the DualSense controller, so they used the same feedback as the two next-gen consoles.

While Hunting Simulator 2 is a decent release for the PS5, I was disappointed that the game’s DLC is still not included in the re-release and you have to buy it separately. In the new generation of games, the single-player story mode Ranger Mode is also part of the game, but I haven’t played it yet because it’s paid DLC for the title. There are several other packages like the DLC that also have to be paid for, and if you want them, you will have to spend extra money to improve your experience in Hunting Simulator 2. Also, there is currently no way to upgrade your PS4 version to the PS5. So if you bought the game for the previous generation, you will have to buy it again for the next generation.

End test:

Hunting Simulator 2 on PS5 harnesses the full power of Sony’s next-gen console to deliver a smoother, more beautiful hunting experience than ever before. Improved textures and 4K support really make the game shine on the PS5. If you love hunting and want to have an unforgettable experience, you should definitely choose the new generation of Hunting Simulator 2. It’s also the only hunting title currently optimized for the PS5. So, if you feel like hunting for a few hours, Hunting Simulator 2 will allow you to have fun without killing animals in real life. Just make sure you’re ready to grind.

Overall score: 7.5/10

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