HowTheMarketWorks Stock Market Game Review

Are you new to the streets of the fair?  Are you a student or lecturer who wants to create/strengthen your investment knowledge?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then HowTheMarketWorks is the place to learn the basics of trading everything from stocks to bonds.

HowTheMarketWorks serves as an educational centre where classes are divided into basic and advanced classes.

There are also separate sections for books and tools.  This simulator also has a special room for instructors.

Like TradingKart vs.

Overall assessment



Registration and participation in the games is free. However, to access online courses you need to lighten your wallet.

Key rings

This is a bearing set developed especially for this class. In our overview of how the market works, we found many Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages are: no recording difficulties, the ability to maintain different lists and portfolios for different asset classes, fast execution of transactions and a good training module for beginners.

On the other hand, the disadvantages are that money is needed to participate in online competitions, the long process of creating a contest and trading -penny-shares is not allowed.

Longer waiting times for pages and confusing inventory modules are other drawbacks of this simulator.

Action simulator studies shall be calculated using :

  1. The registration procedure
  2. Prices
  3. Functionality of the list of lawyers
  4. Competition / game function
  5. Portfolio management skills
  6. Business opportunities
  7. Evaluation system
  8. Equity research module
  9. user interface
  10. Lesson material
  11. Other features

Registration procedures

Rating:  4/5

Take the key:  Easy and free registration process.

Registration is free and easy. If you are not an instructor, you can choose the virtual currency of your choice, for example $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 , etc.

Otherwise, if the market works, the instructor receives $100,000 virtual money per call.  

You can sign in to both your Google Account and your Facebook account


Note: 2.5/5

Keys to go: Most features are free, but the online courses are not free.

The cost of the calls for tenders and the core resources are . But online courses designed to explore and understand advanced levels of trading in different asset classes are not free.

However, HowTheMarketWorks members receive a 20% discount on Invest 101 online courses (both Invest 101 and HowTheMarketWorks courses are delivered from stock –track).

Waiting list functionality

Rating: 3/5

Transport key: Provisions for maintaining different checklists for different asset classes.

Creating a watch list is easy and allows you to manage different watch lists for different asset categories.

However, due to the large number of screens flashing simultaneously on screen , it can be difficult to determine where the website displays the timesheet.

Viewing list

Match/play functions

Rating: 3/5

Keys to go: Creating new competitions takes a lot of time and is mainly meant for trainers who give assignments to students.

To start the game, you can enter the competition or create a contest.

In addition, HowTheMarketWorks organizes monthly sales competitions.

If you win monthly contests, you can receive cash prizes of $500 or more. These competitions will help you find out where your trading strategies currently stand. However, the steps to make a new game are very long.

When creating your contest you have to fill in a lot of information. These competitions are useful for the teacher when assigning tasks to the students.

You can share your entry to the contest via Facebook and Twitter, and there are several ways to invite users to your contest.

Match screen for games

Match Screen 2

Trading options

Note: 2.5 /5

Keys to go: Shares under $5 are not allowed to be traded.

The transaction was executed immediately.  But HowTheMarketWorks does not allow you to buy or sell stock worth less than $5.

For shares over $5 you can make most transactions on the stock exchange.

In HowTheMarketWorks you can trade shares from the US markets and Toronto.

Business opportunities 2

Options trading

Portfolio analysis

Note:  3.5/5

Keys to go: You can manage a separate portfolio for different asset classes.

Once a transaction has been executed, your portfolio will no longer be updated. This simulator has a separate portfolio of shares and investment funds /ETFs .

There is also a provision for restarting the portfolio. You can also access the graphical portfolio view.

Portfolio management


Rating:  3.5/5

Keys to go: The ranking of each game is available

Note indicates the active game dashboard. You can view your weekly/monthly/weekly rankings and compare your performance.

Inventory search module

Rating:  2/5

Take the key:  A long way

Inventory research models are confusing, especially if you are a beginner.

We couldn’t find a correlation in the fundamental part. However, the financial figures for the last five years are shown. The graphics and resources are very simple.

Detailed recommendations are provided by the analysts. But even then, it can be difficult for a newcomer to decipher these concepts.

User Interface

Rating:  2.5/5

Keys to go: Downloading pages takes a lot of time, and promotions can distract you.

Loading each page takes a lot of time during office hours. The different commercials flashing on the screen make the sales experience even more painful.

These stocks can even distract traders. Although the navigation outside working hours was relatively easy.

Educational material

Rating:  2.5/5

Keys to go: The definitions of financial terms are good. Online courses are not free.

It provides information to get started and improve the situation, but it is not very comprehensive. The definitions of financial terms are good. However, most of the information can be found elsewhere.  

Online courses are available to learn more about equities, bonds, options and ETFs.

Other characteristics


Teacher Resources is what we found in this simulator.

It helps instructors make lesson plans and create real-time business competitions based on the objectives of their class.  

Webinars are even available to increase the knowledge of the trainers. The instructors can add the necessary reading and other tasks to their competitions.

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