How top tech helmets are changing the cycling experience

For most outdoor sports, protecting your head is paramount. Typically for cyclers, it is crucial to reduce the risk of head injuries without sacrificing the fun.

Technology is making cycling more exciting and even safer. Unlike in centuries past, marvelous technologies are getting increasingly integrated into helmet today. The modern rider has never been more protected across the history of bicycle sports.

A perfect mashup of fun and protection

Revolutionary helmets are changing the cycling experience. Cyclers are now better equipped to accurately measure and analyze their performance, counting their calories and even their heart rate. Isn’t this exciting?

Yes, many helmets today are girded with top-notch optical heart-rate sensors, eliminating the need for chest straps. This brings improved data management to the world of the cycler!

Before now, cycling was far more muscular and far less technological. Riders struggled even to track their cycling activity; there were barely emergency systems integrated. Well, these bottlenecks are quickly being erased from modern cycling.

Today, we have helmets equipped with action cameras that can help you efficiently track your movement while cycling. Top tech helmets like Livall Helmets are masterfully wedding entertainment with safety.

This action camera enabled helmets go as far as recording videos of your cycling escapades, taking pictures while still presenting a unified emergency system. What more? These helmets are further synchronized to social apps on your mobile devices.

This way, you can share your cycling experience with friends dispersed across the globe. Of course, these helmets give you a precise calculation of how fast you are going as well the routes you have been following.

Typically when you hear about the black box, your mind flies hurriedly to airplanes. Interestingly, we now have helmets fitted with similar black box technology. With this black box sophistication, you can view all information as well as expeditions of the cycler 120 seconds before crash. This period allows you to decipher the course of events just before the crash.

Smart helmets in front of the pack

Smart helmets like the Livall Helmet are leading the cycling revolution. Most of these smart helmets are kitted with optical heart rate collector. This device gives you the luxury of real-time updates on your heart rate. Call it safety to the core.

Yes, many cyclists previously had to labor through ignorance about their heart rate statistics while cycling. Often, this proves costly. Now, smart helmets are saying no more to cardiac mishaps while cycling.

Join the bandwagon of modern cyclers

There is no need to be behind time and lagging behind invention. Contemporary cyclers are leveraging on trailblazing riding innovations like smart helmets not only to flavor up their cycling experience but also to keep them protected on the road. After all, fun is always sweeter when safer!

Are you looking for reliable and top class smart helmets that give you that mind-blowing cycling experience? Then you may consider the splendid collection at Trucavelo. Get outfitted with these helmets and mount your bike majestically. Now, how much fun can you withstand?

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