Attention, buyers: It’s not unattainable to win the Albertsons Monopoly recreation in 2019, although the odds are towards you. Nevertheless, there have been quite a few high-dollar winners in 2018. A number of of them gave their recommendations on the way to win the Albertsons Monopoly recreation this yr.

2018 Albertsons Monopoly Winners

As you could know, Albertsons is beneath an umbrella of various retail stores corresponding to Safeway, Jewel Osco, and others. Every of these stores is offering recreation items to clients. And, in 2018, additionally they gave those clients HUGE prizes. Here is a record of big-ticket winners from 2018 and where they received their profitable pieces.

ACME Safeway Monopoly

The next winners collected their profitable ticket from ACME shops.

  • Jeffrey B. (New Jersey) $40,000 automotive of selection
  • Karen C. (Pennsylvania) $7,500 Fan Pack and Pink Carpet
  • Thomas D. (New Jersey) $5,000 Money
  • Lori J. (Pennsylvania) $5,000 Groceries
  • Erin M. (New Jersey) $10,000 Cash
  • Leslie M. (New Jersey) $20,000 School Tuition
  • Christian P. (New Jersey) $5,000 Immediate Win Cash
  • Lori P. (New Jersey) $10,000 iHeart Nation Pageant
  • Krystene R. (Pennsylvania) $5,000 Money
  • Frances S. (Pennsylvania) $5,000 Cash

Albertsons Monopoly Winners

Each of the winners under scored their massive prize purchasing at Albertsons shops.

  • Erin D. (Washington) $40,000 Automotive of Selection
  • Helen E. (Arizona) $20,000 School Tuition
  • Susan G. (California) $27,673 Progressive Jackpot
  • Patricia Okay. (Nevada) $20,000 School Tuition
  • Billy M. (Colorado) $40,000 Car of Selection
  • Janet M. (California) $11,623 Progressive Jackpot
  • Aaron R. (Texas) $24,975 Progressive Jackpot
  • Kristin S. (Arizona) $25,000 Kitchen Makeover
  • Cheryl V. (Washington) $10,000 Cash
  • Vicki W. (Washington) $32,459 Progressive Jackpot

It also needs to be noted that the $1 million jackpot was collected at an Albertsons final yr as properly. The Albertsons was situated in Japanese Idaho.

Winners at Albertsons Market

Albertsons Market consumers have been capable of get fortunate in 2018 as nicely. Here’s what their clients raked in during the recreation final yr.

  • Ruth E. (New Mexico) $300 Spa Day
  • Shane G. (New Mexico) $5,000 Cash
  • Hermelinda H. (New Mexico) $300 Spa Day
  • June Okay. (New Mexico) $500 Grocery Present Card
  • Roberta L. (New Mexico) $1,000 Grocery Present Card
  • Amy M. (Texas) $500 Grocery Present Card
  • Ande M. (New Mexico) $6,606 Progressive Jackpot
  • Frances M. (New Mexico) $500 Grocery Present Card
  • Melanie R. (New Mexico) $40,000 Automotive of Selection
  • Barbara S. (New Mexico) $1,000 Cash

Jewel-Osco Winners

The following people gained Albertsons Monopoly by purchasing at Jewel-Osco last yr.

  • Larry A. (Illinois) $40,000 Car of Selection
  • Suzanne D. (Illinois) $10,000 Cash
  • Mark G. (Illinois) $5,913 Progressive Jackpot
  • Richard Okay. (Illinois) $20,000 School Tuition
  • Antionette S. (Illinois) $25,000 Kitchen Makeover
  • Maisha S. (Illinois) $5,000 Groceries
  • Ruth S. (Illinois) $5,000 Groceries
  • Cathy T. (Illinois) $5,000 Groceries
  • Holly U. (Illinois) $10,000 Money
  • Wendy V. (Illinois) $5,000 Immediate Win Cash

Winners at Market Road

Market Road buyers weren’t unnoticed of the fun both. Nevertheless, no $40,000 prizes got out to these clients.

  • Ryan B. (Texas) $5,000 Groceries
  • Krysten G. (Texas) $500 Grocery Present Card
  • Jennifer M. (Texas) $300 Spa Day
  • Jonathon O. (Texas) $500 Grocery Present Card
  • Cassidy S. (Texas) $20,000 School Tuition

Pavilions Monopoly Game Winners

Pavilions is yet one more retailer you possibly can decide up Monopoly recreation items. Listed here are final yr’s winners.

  • Stephanie D. (California) $500 Grocery Present Card
  • Lori F. (California) $1,000 Grocery Present Card
  • Tammy-Anne F. (California) $300 Spa Day
  • Faith G. (California) $300 Spa Day
  • Ruben O. (California) $1,000 Weekend Getaway

Randalls Monopoly Winners 2018

Another Safeway model, Randalls, had quite a few small-dollar winners last yr.

  • Liz B. (Texas) $three,600 Special Event
  • Deborah C. (Texas) $500 Grocery Present Card
  • Rogr F. (Texas) $1,000 Grocery Present Card
  • Martie H. (Texas) $1,000 Money
  • Nancy N. (Texas) $500 Grocery Present Card
  • Carole P. (Texas) $1,000 Weekend Getaway
  • Daniel R. (Texas) $2,600 Films for a Yr
  • Alan W. (Texas) $1,000 Grocery Present Card

Safeway Monopoly 2018 Winners

Safeway is the second largest store to supply the Monopoly recreation (aside from Albertsons). Unsurprisingly, its buyers have been a few of the largest winners.

  • Julie C. (Arizona)$40,000 Car of Selection
  • Eileen G. (California) $40,000 Car of Selection
  • Blake Joseph H. (Washington) $40,000 Automotive of Selection
  • Greta H. (Colorado) $51,228 Progressive Jackpot
  • Michelle L. (California) $44,324 Progressive Jackpot
  • Anita M. (Montana) $40,000 Car of Selection
  • Diana P. (Maryland) $40,000 Car of Selection
  • CJ S. (Washington) $40,000 Car of Selection
  • Patricia T. (California) $28,408 Progressive Jackpot
  • Audra Z. (Virginia) $40,000 Car of Selection

Shaw’s Monopoly Winners

Shaw’s had various high-dollar winners as properly.

  • Matthew A. (Maine) $5,000 Groceries
  • Kathleen D. (Massachusetts) $20,771 Progressive Jackpot
  • Darlene J. (Rhode Island)$10,000 Cash
  • Chelsea M. (New Hampshire) $40,000 Car of Selection
  • Suzanne M. (Massachusetts) $16,095 Progressive Jackpot
  • Libby S. (New Hampshire) $20,000 School Tuition
  • Pamela U. Massachusetts) $7,500 Household Trip
  • Caroline W. (Massachusetts) $10,000 Cash
  • Jeanine W. (Massachusetts) $20,000 School Tuition

Buyers Who Gained Tom Thumb Monopoly

Tom Thumb, another Safeway company, additionally had quite a lot of winners in 2018.

  • Cynthia A. (Texas) $500 Grocery Present Card
  • Cheryl B. (Texas) $21,719 Progressive Jackpot
  • Rachel Renee B. (Texas) $1,500 Fuel Grill & Groceries
  • Angela F. (Texas) $40,000 Car of Selection
  • Laura Okay. (Texas) $1,500 Fuel Grill & Groceries
  • Laura Okay. (Texas) $500 Grocery Present Card
  • Alison S. (Texas) $20,000 School Tuition
  • Mary S. (Texas) $7,500 Household Vacation
  • Rachid S. (Texas) $10,000 Cash
  • Veronica S. (Texas) $500 Grocery Present Card

United Grocery Store Monopoly Winners

You may as well acquire Monopoly pieces at United shops, the place there have been a couple of winners in 2018 as properly.

  • Terry A. (Texas)$500 Grocery Present Card
  • Kenneth B. (Texas)$1,000 Grocery Present Card
  • Allison H. (Texas)$500 Grocery Present Card
  • Trista Okay. (Texas) $300 Spa Day
  • Jacqueline M. (Alaska) $500 Grocery Present Card
  • Joan M. (Texas) $three,600 Particular Occasion
  • Jovita M. (Texas)$500 Grocery Present Card
  • Ryan M. (Texas)$500 Grocery Present Card
  • Amy P. (Texas) $2,600 Films For A Yr
  • Katelynn W. (Texas) $500 Grocery Present Card

Vons Gave Away One in every of the Largest Prizes

Outdoors of the $1 million GRAND PRIZE given away at Albertsons final yr, Vons gave away one other big prize. Karen T. from California gained a $100,000 cash prize (or luxurious car). The shop additionally awarded the following prizes final yr.

  • Stephen C. (California)$7,500 Household Vacation
  • Rosa F. (Nevada)$10,000 Fiesta Latina
  • Bradley J. (California) $40,000 Car of Selection
  • Kim Okay. (California) $25,000 Kitchen Makeover
  • Jorge M. (California) $5,812 Progressive Jackpot
  • Elizabeth R. (Texas) $20,000 School Tuition
  • Tammara S. (California) $10,000 Money
  • Teressa U. (California) $40,000 Automotive of Selection
  • Deborah W. (California) $67,782 Progressive Jackpot

How a Previous Yr’s Winner Did It

The story of a earlier yr’s Grand Prize winner supplies further insights on how individuals are capable of win the recreation. In 2012, an El Paso Group School scholar named Melissa Varela swooped up the $1 million money prize of the “Collect and Win” recreation by purchasing at the 9111 Dyer Albertsons Market in El Paso.

At the time, she was the only million-dollar winner since the contest began in 2009. Previous to Valera, the last grand prize was awarded in the promotion’s first yr to a Los Lunas, NM couple who gained a $500,000 mortgage payoff.

Varela increased her possibilities by accepting tickets and growing the number of occasions she shopped each week. She might have only shopped at one Albertsons location, but others have seen a lot success in the form of free grocery goodies by buying at multiple websites.

Commit Massive to the Albertsons Monopoly Game

The moral of the story: In the event you’ve made the determination to play the 2019 Albertsons Monopoly recreation, you might want to commit massive. Making common visits to the collaborating stores and amassing as many tickets as potential seems to be the greatest guess; at the least, that is what worked for Melissa. Luck undoubtedly performs a task however so does consistency.

Additionally, don’t overlook you can too submit for a second-chance drawing. Winners have been capable of gather the grand prize by way of the second-chance drawing by submitting their recreation items on-line. Don’t overlook to register in your free recreation pieces too!

This isn’t to say this can be a assured method to win, but as the previous saying goes, “Go big, or go home.”

Readers, should you’re on the lookout for a spot to securely trade Albertsons Monopoly pieces, head on over to the Saving Advice forums!

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