How to use the XP Grinding Glitch in MLB The Show 22

This article will teach you how to use the XP Grinding Glitch in MLB The Show 22. Utilizing this exploit allows users to gain millions of XP points, so it is a trade worth making for savvy players.

MLB The Show 22 makes earning XP for the Diamond Dynasty Face of the Franchise Program quite simple. If you intend to play a lot of Diamond Dynasty, you’ll want to finish it since all of the awards will considerably strengthen your squad. While you may just play the game as is, many players will want to grind through the 600,000 XP required to complete the program fast so that they can add the top players to their roster. So, what is the quickest method to do this? Well, there are a few options available to you in order to do it swiftly. In both Exhibition and Road to the Show, we’ll go through how to accomplish it.

XP grinding process for exhibition

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To set up this way, first go into the Roster Vault (accessed by going into the Create option from the main menu) and choose a roster that works best for you. We had a lot of luck using LightSkinChris’ roster, which you can get by searching for LSC XP on YouTube. This arrangement provides you a 99 OVR version of cover athlete Shohei Ohtani who you’ll utilize to easily rack up XP against a 0 OVR Astros club.

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After that is completed, go to the main settings and pick the Presentation option. We’ve incorporated the following settings, as seen in the picture above:

  • Fast Play – Presentation Mode
  • Cameras for Pitch Selection – None
  • Camera Focus – Batter/Pitcher Only Pitch Selection
  • Pitcher Selection Camera Frequency — Only a few times a year
  • All other options are turned off.

This speeds up the gameplay and allows you to complete games more rapidly. You don’t have to worry about hitting in your game settings since you won’t be doing any of it. Instead, go to the Pitching menu and choose Classic as your Pitching Interface. This allows you to pitch by merely pressing the button twice, drastically speeding up the process. We choose Beginner for difficulty so that we can watch something else while playing, however other people claim that increasing it higher offers them more XP. You might choose a beautiful middle ground and set it to Veteran if you wish.

Now that you’ve got your settings in order, it’s time to get into the game. Make sure your roster is stored before entering an Exhibition game (you’ll have to do this every time you log into the game or switch modes). If you haven’t already, change your preferred team to the Angels and then proceed. It’s critical that you set Quick Counts to “Yes” and your Player Lock to Shohei Ohtani before starting the game. Simply press R2 (RT on Xbox) while hovering over his name in the pitcher selection window to accomplish this.

You can easily harvest approximately 1,400 XP every game using this strategy. It fluctuates slightly higher or lower, but it typically hangs around that range, providing an easy method to grind out XP without exerting any effort. There’s also a Road to the Show approach worth noting if you desire a more active manner of grinding XP.

Grinding procedure for the Road to the Show XP

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This approach works by gaining XP through improving your Archetypes. You’ll gain a big XP boost at most of the milestones along each Archetype route, which adds up over time. You’ll want to modify several parameters before starting a game to make sure everything is set appropriately. Check out the image below, then scroll down to read the text version.

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  • Flow of the Game – Go to the Next Appearance
  • Opportunities – ShowTime – Off
  • Infield Player Lock Reaction – Assist
  • Classic Player Lock Button Mapping
  • All Fielding Opportunities – Player Lock
  • Baserunning Interface – Player Lock – Analog
  • Baserunning Opportunities – Lead Runner – Player Lock
  • CPU Teammate Hitting – All – Player Lock
  • Player Yells – Off – Player Lock

With these settings, you’ll be able to get a lot of hits while simultaneously improving your fielding and baserunning skills. You can utilize the same strategy to enhance your pitching Archetype; all you have to do is change the parameters for pitching.

Then we’ll lower the difficulty to Beginner so we can go through the games quickly. If you want to make things even simpler, check the Vault for an RTTS roster with every team but one set to 0 OVR. Then it’s only a matter of playing games and collecting stats.

It’s worth noting that if you utilize this strategy, you should return to the clubhouse after each game. Even though you have to wait through more menus, the way the game manages stat acquisition makes it go quicker. If you merely go on to the next game, it won’t keep track of your numbers after you’ve reached a certain point, thereby robbing you of time. It’s also worth mentioning that Archetypes transfer over from player to player, so you won’t be able to farm this year after year. This implies that if you want to maintain another technique to grind XP in subsequent Diamond Dynasty programs, you may not want to use this strategy exclusively.

You’ll fly through the XP required to proceed through the program using these two approaches. Unless things change over the year, you’ll be able to utilize similar ways with future XP-based applications, so it’s worth getting acclimated to during MLB The Show 22’s early stages.

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