How to Use Portals and Teleport in Valheim

Wrong: The name of the movie is not the specified.first thing you notice when you arrive in Valheim, it’s that the world is huge. Walking is not the most convenient, and it is certainly not the most efficient means of transportation. Fortunately, there is one thing you will quickly acquire that will make your life much easier. We’re talking about the portal, of course. Here’s how to use the portal to teleport through Valheim.

The main purpose of portals is to let you move quickly between different biomes or different areas of the same biome. You can do this to transport goods in both directions, since some resources come from other regions. If you cannot transport minerals and metals through the gate, everything else is allowed. From this point on, however, there is a tricky way to transport your metals. We will talk about this at the end of this guide. Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

How to make portals in Valheim

To make the portal, you will need the following materials

  • Amazing Core x2
  • Eye of the Grey Dwarf x10
  • Thin wood x20
  • Workbench

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You need “Amazing Cores”, “Grey Dwarf Eyes” and “Fine Wood”. Amazing cores can be obtained from burial chambers or skeletal crypts (also called Delves) in the Black Forest biome. The cores are usually in the tombs, so be careful when you are there. The eyes of gridwards are relatively easy to find, as they fall out with every crowd. Start collecting and hiding them once you reach the Black Forest biome.

Finally, you’ll need some fine wood from the native prairie biome. Look for white birch. You will need at least one bronze axe to cut down these trees. Be prepared to collect several if you want to build several portals at once.

How to use the portals in Valheim

Place the portal in your main base, as you will teleport to other areas from here. I recommend setting up a large portal room so you have a central place to set it up. Make sure the portal has runes pointing toward you if you place it next to a wall, otherwise you may get stuck on the wall when you return.

After placing a portal, you will see that you can enter a portal tag. The portal tag is a way to identify and connect multiple portals, activate them and allow you to travel between them. If you call this portal “home” and you build another portal in a different location and give it the same portal tag, they will become active.

Then you want to place another portal in another remote location. Give it the same label as the first portal, and you can now move freely between them. You can carry all objects through the portals except metal bars and ore.

While you can’t use a transporter if you’re carrying metal ore, there is a clever way to get around this limitation. Here’s how.

With Ore on your persona, leave the current world and create a new single-player game. Load yourself into the world and build a simple workbench and chest. Place the metals from your inventory into the chest, which should still contain the metals from the previous game.

Then log out of the single-player game and return to the world with your portals. Teleport through the portal, then log out and return to the single-player game you created in the previous step. When you get into the game, grab the metal from the vault and reconnect to your normal server.

The metal should now be in your inventory! It’s not the easiest process, but it can save you a lot of time that you would have otherwise spent returning to the place where you mined your ore.

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