How to Upload a Youtube Video With Android

If you own a smartphone and/or tablet installed with the Android operating system you are probably no stranger to the fact that a lot can be done with it. Alas, all you have to do is watch a TV program or a few videos on the web and your (mobile data) data plan goes up in smoke without having had time to say a word. In this article, we will explain how to stop ruining your mobile Internet package. How? Explaining the easiest way to upload YouTube videos with Android so you can watch it when you don’t have an internet connection Then, that’s what a mobile is also for…to be nomadic at all times. Otherwise, what’s the point of owning one?

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Uploading YouTube videos the rules and how to do it

Before you start, here is some information to remember

When downloading content from YouTube, it is important to be aware of its terms of use, which are set out in the Google Online Video Hosting Service Policy. To quote them, here are the rules:

  • 1) “Internet users have the right to retrieve any legally published free work”, provided that there has been no circumvention of DRM strictly defined by art. CPI L331-5 (a protocol or simple anti-leech device is not a DRM) and provided that it is for private use. 
  • 2) : “The principle of the hierarchy of legal norms requires that legally formed agreements take the place of the law for those who have made them; they must first and foremost respect the law and abide by it. “In other words, the terms of use must, in case of conflict, bow to the law.

Respect the law, you alone are responsible for your actions. © ANDROIDPIT

In a more explanatory way, YouTube says – on the fringes of French law – that you can appropriate all types of content hosted on its platform, but on the sole condition that they are free. That being said, YouTube does not condemn users who download content monetized by advertising or paid for; through a subscription, provided – again – that you make purely personal use of it. Once again, your actions – if they are illegal – will not be reflected on the AndroidPIT site since we will have warned you under the law which is transcribed in the rules of use of the YouTube service.

How to upload a video from YouTube with Android

Unlike other mobile operating systems that want to be more limited, the advantage of Android is its openness to the many possibilities/advantages that we would never have suspected for a second if Apple had managed to drown the planet with its iOS. Fortunately, the people questioned themselves and did not let themselves be pushed aside. Today, iOS is still there, but it still faces stiff competition.


Several solutions are available to you, it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best. © ANDROIDPIT

Given that there are a lot of possibilities offered with Android and the solutions that surround it, then you should think that we should be able to offer you several alternatives that will allow you to download videos from YouTube to watch them from your mobile when you don’t have a connection?

I will tell you that this is the case, but I will confine myself to presenting just one. The ultimate, the best? For me, it is the best and the most suitable after some time of use. If this one n’t work for you, don’t worry because I’ll offer you three other alternatives to make up for it.

Without further ado, here’s how to upload videos from YouTube with Android :

  • First, we will activate the option ‘Unknown sources’.

    If you don’t know how to do this, here is a simple tutorial to help you.

  • Then, let’s go to the website to download the YouTube application (below).
  • When the installation is complete, open the application directly. A message appears:

    This warning message is important because it explains several points to you:

    • the first three messages concern the permissions requested by the application
    • the second one is a request for authorization for the app to overlay with the original one
    • the third are requests for access to internal memory and contacts.


It may be more meaningful with a screenshot. © ANDROIDPIT

  • Once this is done, open the Youtube video you wish to upload.
  • Underneath the video player, you just have to click on the ‘Download’ option.
  • From there, a window appears. Click on ‘Video Quality’ to view other formats.


Here’s how to upload a YouTube video with OGYouTube on Android. © ANDROIDPIT

  • And that’s it, you just have to choose the format you want and then click on ‘Download’.
  • From there, a process running in the status bar will start the download.
  • When the download is complete, simply click on the file in status bar

    to play it. To find it, you just have to go to the ‘Download’ folder,

    , using a file manager such as Astro File Manager (details), as an example.

If this application is not compatible with your Android device here are three alternatives (one of which is open source) :

  • SnapTube, which is available on APKMirror
  • Vodeoder, which is available on its official website, or
  • NewPipe, an open source solution available via F-Droid.

    Want to know more about it? Korben tells you a few words about it

We are now coming to the end of this article, which we hope you will find useful. If you have other suggestions or things to say/share, please know that comments are there for that. Greetings!

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