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How to Type in Malayalam via English Keyboard

While using system there are a lot of problems being faced by the users. For typing Malayalam, there become issues because the key board bears traditional roman/ Latin/ English keyboards. This might be like using face book or writing a mail when you want to right our message or want to convey all the thoughts in the language. It was earlier that people used to take the help of various fonts for typing purpose. But in case the keys of the system are not compatible signs, it truly becomes difficult to remember which button indicates which letter of the Malayalam language.

For the reason there are certain apps which are just wonderful and are graced to be so excellent in managing the local language typing. It’s the input tool which combines transliteration facility, input method editor as well as the on-screen keyboard. Just you need to type the phonetically similar English words on the keywords or on the words. You need to type the words in the way as they sound using the English letter and Google input tool which will transform all into scripts of the beloved local Malayalam language. Probably this is one of the most efficient and interesting online Malayalam typing manner.

Installation of this tool

  • For installation it is necessary that you follow the respective link available across the internet.
  • Then on the right hand side there will appear a list of languages. From that you need to choose Malayalam language and tick before it. Then tick the box given below the list before the sentence “I agree to the Google terms of service and privacy policy”.
  • Next click to the download button and after that a window will appear which will ask if you want to save the file. Then click to the button “save file” in this window.
  • After the downloading is completed, if you click to the downloaded material, another window will appear asking you whether you want to run this file. Then click to the run button and that is it. The tool will get installed to your system as soon as possible. This is going to help you with online Malayalam typing.
  • After the installation, a button will appear on the right hand side of the screen of your task bar, by this you can change the keyboard from English to Malayalam and vice versa.
  • Even you can open the onscreen keyboard which has all the unique features to the unique language Malayalam. This is just user friendly and you can try it for the best possible way.

The app

Manglish Malayalam is one of the significant apps that are used as a transformed tool. This is used for typing Malayalam on android. Just join 5M+ users who have saved their time using the word predictions, accurate phonetic transliteration and Malayalam voice to text typing. This is going to enable any keyboard that you want to download. The android shows a standard warning. The manglish keyboard doesn’t collect or don’t even store any kind of personal or confidential information. Using this you can type by speaking to your phone using all new Malayalam voice to text typing feature which is called manglish voice. This app is noted to be the best one with Malayalam movie sticker comments. You can use these fun and amazing stickers in the complete conversation inside any messaging app.

What makes it unique is the typing which is quite faster way and don’t need any other Malayalam input tools. This works inside all applications on your phone and don’t really need to do any more copy- paste. So start typing in English and choose the Malayalam word for what you are typing. The most common words do work without internet.

Chatting with your friends and family in the native language using Malayalam on whatsapp, face book or any other app. The only app supports Malayalam dialogue stickers in the whatapp and other chatting apps.

Using keyboard for the Malayalam writing

  • In the beginning open the manglish keyboard from your apps after installing.
  • Enable and choose the manglish as your keyboard.
  • Customize the settings and choose any of the themes.
  • Start typing Malayalam everywhere.
  • Spice up the conversation by using the Malayalam photo comments from the curated movie dialogue stickers.


The app bears great features like

  • You can easily switch between Malayalam and English keys by just clicking on the button.
  • Add a good kind of smileys and emojis to your chat from the keyboard. Just hold the 123 key or press 123 and then select the emoji icon to get a list of smileys.
  • Click on the sticker’s icon in the suggestion bar to open the sticker/GIF/emoji section. You can also sue the emoji key to open this.
  • The Malayalam voice to text app: type by speaking into your phone in Malayalam with the Malayalam voice keyboard.


  • For adding small vibration when pressing every single key choose on “vibrate on key press”.
  • For adding automatic space after these characters enable “insert space after”.
  • For selecting automatic Malayalam prediction when pressing space. Enable it with “press space to select word”.
  • To convert Malayalam text back to English for editing chooses “edit English on backspace”.
  • “Use the offline predictions” which can turned off to get only exact matches for what you are typing. This needs an active and stable internet connection.
  • Choose a theme that you love to set with the keyboard themes.
  • For removing all kinds of ads from the application click on “remove ads” and make a purchase. This is a small one time price and help support.


With these apps now Malayalam writing using the normal English key pad is becoming easy and efficient. This is going to help localized people express their feelings with words that are not possible for them with English typing. This software for Malayalam writing is going to save your time by providing auto complete facility while typing.

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