How to Take Screenshot In Xiaomi 12

Taking a screenshot in your Xiaomi 12 (or any Android phone) is easy to do. The key here is knowing the button combos that will activate the screen capturing function on your device.

Taking a screenshot in Xiaomi 12 is easy. You just need to press the Power Button and volume up button at the same time.

Hello there, in today’s tutorial, I’ll teach you how to take a screenshot with Xiaomi 12.

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So, if you’re looking for information about How to Take a Screenshot on Xiaomi 12, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Xiaomi has released a new phone known as the Xiaomi 12. This smartphone will have a trendy design with a superior display, battery, and camera.

So, let’s start with the phone’s design. It has a 6.28-inch OLED FHD+ punch-hole display, and in terms of performance, it features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 (4 nm) octa-core CPU, which will enhance your gaming experience.

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When it comes to the Xiaomi 12’s camera, it has a triple-camera arrangement on the back that comprises a 50-megapixel main lens with an f/1.9 aperture, a 13-megapixel (ultrawide) lens, and a 5-megapixel third camera (telephoto Macro).

A single 32-megapixel front camera is also included for capturing stunning selfies.

Let’s speak about the Xiaomi 12 battery. It has a 4500 mAh capacity and supports 67W rapid charging. With moderate use, you can anticipate a battery backup of one day.

Method 1: Using a Key Combination to Take a Screenshot 

  • To begin, open the screen you wish to take a screenshot of.
  • Then, at the same moment, hit the Volume Down and Power buttons.
  • That’s all there is to it.
  • To view your Screenshot, go to the gallery and choose Recently uploaded photographs from the drop-down menu.

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Using Your Voice as a Method #2 (Say Ok Google)


Google Assistant is now available on all Android phones, allowing you to snap screenshots with a simple voice command. “OK Google, take a screenshot,” which will snap a screenshot of whatever is currently on your screen.

You may even combine instructions and say something like “OK Google, take a screenshot and share it on Facebook and Twitter.”

Method #3: Using three fingers, take a screenshot in Xiaomi 12.

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Are you aware that you can snap a screenshot simply moving three fingers over the screen? If you haven’t already, you should learn about this strategy.

This is the finest and simplest method for taking a screenshot; just follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Go to your phone’s settings first.
  • After that, you must go to Additional Settings.
  • Then you must go to the Button and Gesture Shortcuts.
  • You will now be able to take a screenshot.

You must first click on it, after which you will be given seven alternatives for taking a screenshot, the greatest of which is Slide 3 Fingers Down.

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Method #4: Using the Drop Down Menu to Take a Screenshot

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This is one of the most straightforward methods for taking a screenshot. Simply open the Xiaomi 12’s drop-down menu, and you’ll see the screenshot option.

To capture a screenshot, first open the drop-down menu and look for the screenshot symbol, which you may click to take a screenshot.

If your Xiaomi phone’s drop-down menu lacks a screenshot icon, just move the left edge of the drop-down menu to see other choices. By clicking on it, you may add a screenshot icon.

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Method #5: Taking Advantage of Quick Ball Features

Take Screenshot In <a href=Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro’ data-lazy-src=’’ height=’582′ loading=’lazy’ src=’data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=’’%20viewBox=’0%200%201035%20582’%3E%3C/svg%3E’ width=’1035’>

You can simply capture screenshots with the aid of this function; all you have to do is activate it by following the instructions below:

  • To begin, navigate to your phone’s settings.
  • Then you’ll need to go to Additional Settings.
  • Then there’s the “Quick Ball” option at the bottom.
  • This option must now be enabled.
  • That concludes the discussion.

This will result in a little symbol on the side of your screen. You may snap a screenshot of it, delete the cache on your phone, and go straight to the menu.

Method #6: Using the Xiaomi 12 application to take a screenshot

If you wish to use an application to capture a screenshot, I’ve found the greatest screenshot application for you.

Screenshot Easy is the name of the screenshot program, and it enables you to capture screenshots in a very simple manner.

Screenshot Leicht

Screenshot Leicht

If you’re having trouble with your Xiaomi 12, try reading Troubleshoot Common Problems with the Xiaomi 12 to see if your issue may be resolved.

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Last but not least,

So that was how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi 12 in this tutorial.

I hope you find this post to be both informative and enjoyable! You may find more Take Screenshot instructions similar to this one here.

Which of the methods do you want to try first?

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