How to Summon and Defeat Moder in Valheim

Mud is the boss of Valheim’s treacherous mountain landscape, and one of the toughest enemies you’ll face on your journey. Come prepared, and you will have no problem butchering the creature. We recommend a group of two players to make this fight go smoothly, but with the right strategy it is also possible to do it solo. Here’s our guide on how to summon and defeat a Moder in Valheim.

Like all Valheim bosses, they each have their own weaknesses that can be used to make the fight easier. Moder’s weakness is poison, so make sure to stock up on poisoned arrows, freeze potions, stamina potions, and healing potions. You may not need stamina and healing potions, but they are very useful just in case. The battles take place mostly at a distance, so bring your best bow and all the poisoned arrows you can make.

To call a moderator on Valheim

To invoke the Moder, you must find his sacrificial altar in one of the stone houses near the mountain biome. A bright red rune marks the Moderate’s location on your map when you meet him, so you know exactly where to go. The range is arbitrary, i.e. it can be large or small. When you arrive at the place where the moderator is called, you must sacrifice 3 dragon eggs.

Each dragon egg weighs 200 pounds, which takes up most of your weight capacity. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a Megingjord belt from a dealer to increase your load capacity to 450. Dragon eggs are found in the mountainous landscape in nests guarded by dragon carts. There is usually one egg in each nest. So try to look in an area close to where mustard is called. When you find the dragon egg, you can pick it up and place it in front of the altar to make room for another egg. Rinse and repeat until you have a total of three eggs.

How to overclock a moderator in Valheim

Now that you have the right elements to challenge the presenter, it’s time to formulate a strategy. At this point, you know the benefits of frost-free mead. You can also try to grow silver for this fight to make wolf armor as it gives natural frost resistance properties. Here is a list of materials we recommend you bring to Battle of the Mods :

  • Mead x2 freezeproof
  • Wolf harness (optional)
  • Poisoned arrows x100
  • Average met x2
  • Medium stamina co x2
  • Powerful weapons
  • Aktir Power.
  • Healthy and sustainable food

Like all Valheim leaders, the moderator has three attacks: one mêlée attack and two ranged attacks. Melody is your standard attack that is activated when you enter the kill zone. You can block an attack with a decent shield and maybe even stagger the boss for a few guaranteed critical hits

Moderator attacks are dangerous, and you need to make sure you have cover nearby to block them. They slow you down, but luckily your Frost Resistance Mad and Wolf Armor block most of the damage. If you get hit, you’re going to be slow to unpack, so prepare for that.

Shoot poisoned arrows whenever you can, as the damage from the poison builds up over time. The modern one is susceptible to poisoning, so the damage to ticks is considerable. Poisoned arrows are the only thing that makes this fight easy, as long as you have enough with you. If you’re in a group, have a player stand in a nearby tower to bait with distance attacks.

Pay attention to Moder’s attack animations, and you won’t have any trouble dodging attacks. Archery when you have the chance, but never use all your stamina. Be persistent with your damage, and the fight is yours to win. Overall, Moder isn’t as difficult as Swamp Biomass boss Bonemass, but it’s still a tough fight.

What are the missing elements in Moder?

The presenter will throw a trophy, which can be hung on the launch pad, for the sailing enthusiast. He also drops a dragon crane that you can use for a craft table. You can’t do much at the table, but you’ll unlock a blast furnace that lets you melt black scrap. At this stage, you have access to the best elements of the game.

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