How to spot fake AirPods Pro

Fake AirPods Pro is a fairly new trend that some savvy shoppers are able to spot. These knockoffs may not look suspicious, but don’t be fooled!
If you’re shopping for the real deal and want to protect your purchase, follow these simple tips before buying.

The “how to check if AirPods Pro are real by serial number” is a way of checking if the AirPods Pro you have been given are fake. The serial number on the box will be different from the one on your headphones.

AirPods Pro, with its sleek and attractive appearance and excellent sound quality are now flying off the shelves. The demand for AirPods Pro, like other Apple goods, is soaring, as is the supply of counterfeit versions. As a result, finding phony AirPods Pro has become a little more difficult.

AirPods Pro vs. Fake AirPods

AirPods Pro, like any pricey and in-demand items, has been snatched up by the counterfeiting business. The amount of piracy has gotten to the point where it’s almost hard to tell the difference between genuine and counterfeit AirPods Pro on the market.

But wait, there are still a few methods to tell the difference between a genuine AirPods Pro and a fake. Although the changes are typically minor and easily overlooked, we have created a checklist to help you identify phony AirPods Pro.

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Examine the Price Tag 

Paying attention to the amount you’re paying for a phony AirPods Pro is the most simple and straightforward technique of spotting one. The price gap between the two is significant, and it often raises questions about the legitimacy of the AirPods on the market.

While the real AirPods Pro costs roughly $249, the knockoff version costs just $160. This may seem to be a significant price difference, but there have been cases when a fake AirPods may be purchased for as little as $10-$40 during the BLACK FRIDAY Sale.

Packaging in the Apple Style

Apple is recognized for creating world-class packaging for all of its goods, and the AirPods Pro are no exception. The sleek, clean, and clever packaging that an original AirPods Pro arrives in is the first giveaway to its authenticity.

Unlike the fake ones, which are looser and have the lid readily detachable from the bottom of the box, the box holding the AirPods Pro is always a secure fit. Furthermore, Apple is quite careful about all of the information printed on its package, making misspelling difficult.

We recommend that you check the spellings of the words written on the package for any mistakes, and if you find any, return the bogus AirPods Pro you may have purchased.

Check the contents and the Logo in airpods pro

Another technique to spot phony AirPods Pros is to look at the content guides that come with the product. The genuine ones come with an extra security sheet and warranty card, which are almost always missing from counterfeits.

Keeping an eye on the logo printed on the box may also be useful, since the Apple logo on the fake box and the instructions inside are often printed in a fuzzier type. The color and font design are vastly different from the originals, which are thicker and have a more distinct typeface. 

Apple’s current font style is San Francisco and we recommend that you match the typeface of your box to the fonts used by Apple on all of its packaging.

Despite its minor differences, these content and branding differences should assist you discern between fake and real AirPods Pro.

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Check the AirPods Pro’s Serial Number

 Check the serial on airpods

To distinguish genuine AirPods Pro from counterfeits, Apple smartly includes a unique serial number in the charging case, which can subsequently be validated by the user. It’s a tried-and-true technique of verifying the authenticity of an AirPods Pro, and it just takes a few minutes.

A code that is unique to each AirPods case may be found within the charging case. Once you’ve found your unique code, go to and input it to see whether Apple can verify the legitimacy of your AirPods Pro.

On the AirPods Pro, there are diffusers.

Checking the diffusers on the AirPods itself is one of the most minute and crucial inspections to do when attempting to detect phony AirPods Pro. You might begin by looking at the diffusers on the outside side. In the case of false diffusers, a grey metal line may be seen, whereas true diffusers do not have this lining. The exterior diffuser on the actual AirPods Pro is completely black.

Similarly, the color of the inside side diffusers is black and somewhat gleaming, however the imitation AirPods Pro features dark grey colored diffusers on the inside, which do not reflect any light.

Checking the inscriptions on the Right and Left AirPods is a frequently overlooked yet crucial means of recognizing phony AirPods Pro. The counterfeited AirPods sometimes fail to name the AirPods, which is a requirement in all real ones.

Case for Charging

airpods pro Charging Case

It’s also a good idea to look at the charge case in detail. There have been cases when the phony ones are clearly distinguishable from the genuine ones. The first change is seen on the front of the case, and it takes the shape of a gap in the charging case’s opening region.

 The actual AirPods Pro have a narrower gap, but the fake AirPods Pro have a larger aperture. Although this distinction is minor, it is difficult to overlook if you look attentively.

The lettering written on the back side of the cover is smaller in size, and the font color is also lighter and wipeable at times. Aside from these adjustments, you might check the charging ports to see if there are any differences. In comparison to the false AirPods Pro, the actual AirPods Pro boasts thicker metal linings.

We hope that this article has assisted you in locating a genuine Apple AirPods Pro and making a nice purchase. To make an educated selection, be sure to check for the above-mentioned aspects. 

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