How to recover more than 36,000 Flash games from your childhood on your PC

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As the queen technology of the web in the 90s and 2000s, Flash is coming to an end. A problem for many online games that rely on it. But an initiative exists to be able to retrieve them and play them on PC.

That’s it: this is the year that Flash support will end. Adobe announced in 2017 its decision to move away from this technology for this year, noting that open formats such as HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly “have matured in recent years [and] now provide most of the capabilities and functionality that our plug-ins have invented.

If this is good news for the open web and the security of Internet users – it was a security nightmare, especially in the eyes of Facebook and Apple – it is also a part of the net that will be erased. For many Internet users, Flash was first and foremost the technology used to run a whole bunch of short and sometimes silly little games on their browser.

36 000 Flash games to recover

In order to save this memory, Flashpoint has decided to offer no less than 36,000 games and 2,300 animations for download so that you can enjoy them locally on your computer – it is recommended that you have at least Windows 7, although in reality it is better to have even the operating system afterwards, as this OS is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Flash games may not speak to the younger generations who are surfing the web today, but they were very popular in the late 90s and during the 2000s. For many Internet users, these titles accompanied their discovery of the web, at a time when broadband and unlimited Internet connections were barely emerging. Entire sites were even dedicated to them.

How to recover more than 36,000 Flash games from your childhood on your PC

Flash games. A whole era of the web is disappearing // Source : BlueMaxima

The complete list of games can be consulted here – the page can be long to load, as it is a listing of all the titles proposed – and Internet users have the possibility to suggest titles that are not yet there or to consult the list of games already proposed. If you want to play these games again, you will have to select the ones you are interested in beforehand, as the archive weighs a little less than 300 GB.

It should be noted that Flashpoint has collected these games without necessarily having been able to warn or have the agreement of the people who designed them. Identifying and finding them would have been an insurmountable task. However, in the event that a withdrawal request is made, the site offers a dedicated page to access such a request. However, the site warns that it will defend the opposite position.

This is a welcome initiative, as the possibility of playing Flash games is disappearing with the main browsers. There is indeed a certain urgency: whether it is Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer (Edge), all have taken steps to discard this technology. The same goes for leading sites such as Facebook, Twitch or YouTube in terms of video playback.

How to recover more than 36,000 Flash games from your childhood on your PC

For several years now, the web has been experiencing a shift from Flash to HTML5 // Source: Adobe

Of course, some very famous Flash games have been converted to more recent technologies (especially since there are tools to help the transition, like Swiffy, a now defunct program that Google proposed in 2011), in order to remain accessible to Internet users. Except that many have not had the chance to be brought up to date, for a variety of reasons.

In this respect, Flashpoint is not an isolated case. In the same genre, the Internet Archive organization has also distinguished itself in the preservation of this electronic heritage, since Flash games can be found in its pages. It has also specialized in saving old games, running on MS-Dos, Windows 3.1 or consoles such as the Amiga, Megadrive or Atari 2600.

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