How to quickly max out a character’s stats and level in Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game Complete Edition

Pilgrim against the world: The full edition of the game can be an uphill battle for those who are not used to the genre and have to compete against low-level opponents. Although the game is a cult classic, the re-release finally meets the needs of many fans. Some will want to give their character a quick exit to unlock all of their character’s skills and give them a powerful punch. Learn how to quickly level up and maximize your character’s stats in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World : Complete edition of the game.

To level up your character quickly, you’ll need a friend or a second controller to play with. It doesn’t matter if you do this online or in a local cooperative game, as your character’s progress is transferred between the two games. If you have one or more characters you want to level up, start with the first level Frozen Suburbs.

When you take control of your characters, you don’t move through the level. We use a cheat code to make a lot of money quickly. For each character that should not be aligned, enter the following code regardless of which distribution center you are at.

  • Nintendo Switch : Hold down B and press the Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A keys.
  • PlayStation 4/5 : While holding X, press up, down, left, right, left, right, circle.
  • Xbox One/Series X|S : Hold down A and press up, down, left, right, B.

When the character enters the above code, he immediately falls to the ground with zero health. If they fall, the 50-dollar coins explode. The alignment symbol must collect all the parts and then bring the person entering the code back to life. Repeat this process until you have about $650 to $750. You can enter this code continuously as long as you resuscitate the person who falls during the ten-second countdown.

With all the money you saved in the bank, skip the first level until you get to the shopping area. Go to the No-Account video (the first store you see in the corner).

Before you buy anything here, you have to pay Scott $504.25 late. With money fraud, we can easily cover that up. Message: You must collect this money from each character to access these videos for them.

For example, we can rent five videos that give us a bonus for just $4.95, but we only need two. First, buy the Seven Shaolin Masters ten times. But most importantly, the character’s defense, speed, willpower, and strength are forever increasing. After ten purchases, this character is at the maximum level.

Then buy one and in fear. You get 1500 experience points for each purchase. Keep buying until you reach level 16, which is the maximum level for each character. If you entered the shop at the first level, you will need to buy about 12 or 13 times to reach the maximum level.

When you leave the store, you’ll see all the new moves the character has unlocked, which you can access by pausing the game and choosing Show list.

Thanks to these pay-as-you-go movies, your character is as strong as he or she can be for just over ten minutes. This lowers the difficulty of the game, especially Average Joe’s, so make sure you want to do it. If you want to play with a weaker character, the other characters on your list will not be upgraded unless you perform the same process with them.

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