How to Prepare for Your MuleSoft Certification Exam

MuleSoft platform is widely used as an integration tool to connect data, devices and applications. Its certification is a crucial step in acquiring the building skills that form the basis of the expertise needed to demonstrate the individual and collective success of the organization. MuleSoft training and certification courses are widely available online, making it easy for you to prepare for and pass the certification exam. The examination certificate is valid for two years from the date of receipt

Let’s assume you already have experience with the MuleSoft platform and have worked as a MuleSoft developer or as a MuleSoft architect. If this is the case, you should consider taking the MuleSoft Advanced Certificate exam. The MuleSoft platform offers three levels of certification :

  1. Employees
  2. Specialist
  3. Professional

To pass the exam, you must prepare thoroughly as it requires a thorough understanding of the exam model, structure and program. LearningMuleSoft is a great way to start learning. Knowing this will help you feel well prepared and ready for the exam – and you’ll pass with flying colors!

Research scheme

The MuleSoft Certified Developer exam consists of a selection of 60 questions that you can take online or at the exam center. You have 2 hours to take the exam and the minimum score is 70%. The exam costs $250.

Note that there is no negative score if you try to answer all the questions.

Before the test

During the exam, you will be tested on several topics, but three topics are particularly difficult and require your attention and time to master.

  1. Batch processing

You need to understand how the three components of batch processing work and focus solely on execution and results.

2 Error handling

It is recommended to perform a quick POC and understand the aspects of their defect handling behavior, i.e. defect propagation and tracking, rather than just learning the result and default behavior of each.

3 Date Sheet 2.0 Language of Modelling

Regular practice is necessary to gain a good understanding of the functions and features. Also, make sure to register for the MuleSoft, training as it will help you prepare for the exam. These courses offer modules, quizzes, exercises, tools, simulations and many other resources to help you prepare for the exam.

Before taking a test, it is advisable to gain practical experience with the subject, since certification should be a confirmation and proof of your skills, not a simple reminder. You need to make sure that you directly experience what you learn during the training, because you will need to apply it in your work. So take your time and take the test when you’re sure.

Exam training

Training and thorough preparation are essential to passing the certification exam. There are many ways to prepare for the MuleSoft certification exams. The sites themselves offer resources. IT training specialists like Koenig Solutions offer individual training courses that can solve your practical and even theoretical questions.

Tuition at MuleSoft varies and depends on the course you choose. However, they are worth it because they prepare you for the exam and allow you to start your career with a very valuable certificate like this one.

The importance of practical and problem-based training for this exam cannot be overemphasized. Once you are certified, you need to use the platform to do your job properly. Theoretical knowledge is not enough. In addition to the work you do during your courses, you will also work a lot.

Tips for exam days

If you are taking the exam online, make sure your system meets all the requirements and has a stable internet connection Provide a government issued identification card to identify the examiner.


Preparing for this exam is not easy and requires a lot of work. However, with MuleSoft, training, your training becomes infinitely more comfortable and you only have to follow what you are taught.

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