How to play the Stabbomancer in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s games are a love-letter to all the old school platformers that made you fall in love with video games If you haven’t invested time into one of her creations, it’s not too late. Check out this guide on how to play as Stabbomancer and be ready for your new obsession!

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In Wonderlands, you may pick from six classes, each of which plays the function of a class in a traditional RPG. The rogue/thief is played by the Stabbomancer. They hide in the shadows and strike when their adversary’s back is turned. They don’t mind getting their hands filthy. If you’re interested in taking this class, here’s all you need to know about playing the Stabbomancer in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Be sneaky

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Wonderlands isn’t a game where you’ll be sneaking up on your opponents and assaulting them when they’re least expecting it. The Stabbomancer begins with the Ghost Sword action skill, which enables them to cast a ghostly blade that swirls in place. This weapon does melee damage and may be transferred for a shorter period of time. You’ll be able to use the From the Shadows ability after you reach level seven. This is a significant improvement over the Ghost Blade ability. Fl4k’s Fade Away talent from Borderlands 3 is the same as From the Shadows. For a short while, you become invisible. All of your strikes during this period are critical hits, although they do 25% less damage than regular critical hits. If constructed appropriately, this ability will enable you to demolish boss health bars in a moment.

Bill-paying abilities

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Critical hit damage, status effects, and mobility are all heavily emphasized in the Stabbomancer skill tree. You don’t want to get up in your opponent’s face as a Stabbomancer. Instead, you want to keep on the go, and your abilities will assist you in doing so. The following are some of the most significant abilities in the Stabbomancer tree:

  • When maxed up, Arsenal increases melee damage, gun damage, and spell damage by 15%.
  • Nimble Fingers: Your firing rate and spell damage are enhanced whenever you deliver melee damage.
  • When you apply a status effect on an adversary, there’s a possibility it’ll spread to other adversaries nearby. If no other enemies are present, the first opponent will be given a new random status effect.
  • A Thousand Cuts: Your critical strikes boost the amount of damage you do for a brief time.
  • Swift Death: While moving, your damage caused increases. The damage boost increases as you go faster.
  • Take Advantage of Their Weakness: When you apply a status effect on an adversary, that enemy receives more damage from all sources for the duration of the effect.

While there are many additional talents to explore, these will undoubtedly aid you in creating a great build. Remember that your accomplishment also gives you a 30% boost to your critical hit probability. This works well with talents that provide bonuses for critical hits.

Your allies are dexterity, attunement, and strength.

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Strength is more of a recommendation than a requirement before we get into the intricacies. Strength is a useful stat to have as a Stabbomancer since it increases critical hit damage, but it isn’t the most important one unless your build requires it. Dexterity should be your key priority. You may have up to 30 points in dexterity before unlocking Myth Ranks, depending on your history. When you improve your dexterity to maximum, your critical hit probability increases by 40%. All day long, you’ll be receiving critical hits.

Another significant talent that comes into play depending on the construct you choose is attunement. If you’re more focused on spells, you won’t have to bother about attunement and may instead invest these points on intellect. If you’re looking to improve your skills, attunement is the way to go. This reduces the cooldown duration of your action skill, which is especially handy if you’re using From the Shadows as your primary skill.

Combinations of classes

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The Stabbomancer is a somewhat ubiquitous class that may be coupled with just about any other class to create a lethal combo. The Spellshot and the Spore Warden are two of the most prominent pairings. When you combine the Stabbomancer with the Spellshot, you have a team that can nearly always critically strike with their spells. Both skill trees’ damage bonus talents combine to produce something extremely devastating. Just be sure you don’t get too carried away. This class combination has the potential to be a little mushy.

When you combine your talent with that of the Spore Warden, you increase your odds of both critical hits and status effects. The combination of these two classes may be an enemy’s worst nightmare, since they can be set on fire, electrocuted, or poisoned before they can shoot back. If you choose the Spore Warden path, you will also get a buddy who can resurrect you if things go wrong.

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