How to Play the Ps4 From Your Android / Ios or Pc / Mac Smartphone

The Playstation 4 incorporates the Remote Play function. It allows you to play PS4 games from an Android or iOS smartphone, or a Windows or Mac PC. Here’s how to activate it.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the most popular home console of this generation. With its catalogue of “AAA” and “indie” games, it is now present in many homes. But sometimes the television she’s hooked up to is not available – it’s time for the Marseillais in Ibiza – and she has to find another way to continue her Red Dead Redemption 2 game or her FIFA career.

Fortunately, Sony has thought of everything: the PS4 has a feature calledRemotePlayback  ! Originally created for the PS Vita, then adapted to Android and iOS smartphones and computers running Windows or MacOS, this feature allows you to play your PS4 from a device other than your TV.

Here’s how to install and configure remote playback of the PS4 and enjoy games even without access to TV.

Configure your PS4 to use Remote Reading

To get started, you need to configure your PS4 to accept remote playback. Turn it on and log in to your profile. All the configurations will be done in theParameters.

The first step is to enable this famous remote playback by going to tabRemote playback connection settings and checkingEnable remote playback.

Next, make sure your PS4 is enabled as the primary PS4 on your PlayStation Network account. Go to tabAccount Management and then toActivate as Main PS4. If it is already activated as such, it will be specified to you, if not, just click onActivate.

Finally, this last manipulation is optional, but is very practical. It is to be able to Activate remote playback even when the PlayStation 4 is in idle mode. This way, there is no need to turn it on and then log in. The option can be found in tabPower Management Settings and inDefine the features available in Idle mode. When you get there, tick all the boxes and your PS4 will be ready for reading at distance !

You can now switch to the configuration of the smartphone or computer on which you want to play.

Play the PS4 from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet

For starters, compatible smartphones and tablets are those running Android 5.0 and higher and iOS 12.1 or higher. It requires to have then installed on the device thePS4 Remote Playapplication available on the Google Play Store or theApple App Store.

The configuration of the application is very fast, you just have to connect to the same internet network as theconsole and launch the application. As soon as it opens, it will scan the local network to find the console, if everything goes as planned, it will automatically connect you and in 1 to 2 minutes maximum you will have the image and sound of your PS4 on your smartphone or tablet.

If you have a Dualshock 4 controller, you can connect it to use it as a joystick – we have a tutorial for Android or iOS – or else virtual buttons will appear on the screen. The joystick option therefore remains much more practical and we advise you to go through it for an optimal playing experience.

Virtual buttons are displayed on the screen / Application blocks screenshots

If your connection is good (at least 5 Mbps/s in upload and download, 12 Mbps/s recommended by Sony), you will be able to play without too manylags games on your PS4 without needing your télé !

Play PS4 from your Windows PC or Mac

It is possible to have Remote Reading on any computer running Windows 8.1 or higher or macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher with at least 2 GB RAM, 100 MB of available storage and an Intel Core i5-560M processor minimum. The minimum network configuration remains the same: at least 5 Mbps/s in upload and download speeds and 12 Mbps/s recommended by Sony.

First, install thePS4 Remote Play software from the Sonywebsite in the version that suits your operating system Then connect your Dualshock 4 controller to your computer with a micro-USB cable and launch the PS4Remote Playback software. Click theOption button on your controller and the software will search for the PS4 on the local network.

After 1 to 2 minutes maximum of searching, the screen and sound of your PS4 will be displayed on your PC and you will be able to play as if your computer screen was your TV.

To stop Remote Reading, simply close window. The PS4 will always run in the background if you want to go back to your TV, otherwise you can switch it off directly from the software with the usual manipulation.

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