How to play Demons in Hearthstone Battlegrounds Patch 21.2

Hearthstone has always been about the dice. Cards are an essential part of the game, but if you’ve played Hearthstone for any length of time there’s a good chance you’ve gotten to know your opponent pretty well. The problem is that once the game gets out of control, it can be difficult to keep up.

As of patch 21.2, Hearthstone has more than 600 unique card backs, and more are being added all the time. Unfortunately, most of them are pretty bad, but that doesn’t mean the new cards are completely awful. Some are actually quite good, and some are downright terrifying. So, which ones are worth your time?

Going Demons in Hearthstone Battlegrounds was formerly thought to imply giving up your chances at first place in exchange for a chance to cheese people with a top-four finish; however, this is no longer the true as of patch 21.2. New Demons have joined the fray, and Demons are now one of the most powerful tribes in Battlegrounds due to their massive scaling and value potential. We’ll go through which of the new Demons are necessary for victory and which Demons you should roll for to complete your first-place war band in this tutorial.

The Newcomers

Icky Imp

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Icky Imp may not seem to be much, but when coupled with Doomsayer who is impatient, the next card on our list, it may be one of the greatest value producers in the game. Even if it didn’t have that value, Icky Imp serves as a multitool, allowing all of the Demon synergy cards to reach their full potential. It allows Soul Juggler to juggle, and it increases your Bigfernal; we’ve previously discussed how it produces value with Impatient Doomsayer. To top it off, it’s just a well-stated tier-one minion capable of defeating or matching most other tier-one minions. Even if Icky Imp isn’t on your winning board, he’s probably a major part of what brought your board to that point, so keep an eye out for him if Demons are calling to you.

Impatient Doomsayer

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Although Impatient Doomsayer isn’t a Demon, it does have a part in the tribe’s increased power. Impatient Doomsayer is a great value generator capable of helping you produce money while also buffing up your Wrath Weaver is a character in the game Wrath Weavers and Bigfernals, thanks to low Tavern Tier Demons like Icky Imp and Imprisoner virtually guaranteeing its Avenge activation. It also serves as a fail-safe since if a large number of people attempt to go Demons, it will be more difficult to locate Demons in the bar, which may lead to all Demon players in the lobby fighting for first place. While this is going on, your Impatient Doomsayer will just give over those priceless Demons to you if you make the required sacrifices.

Ur’zul, the insatiable

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Insatiable Ur’zul is a must-have for any Demon team that wants to go the distance. It is currently the best scaling Demon in Battlegrounds and is required in almost all situations. The concept is that cycling between Demons to boost Wrath Weaver and Bigfernal would reward you more more, since every time you do, your Ur’zul will eat a minion in Bob’s bar. However, be cautious since it consumes at random. It’s usually better to buy whatever you want from Bob before your Ur’zul goes to town; otherwise, the card you wanted to buy might turn into a stat-stacking meal.

Old and Trusted (s)

Wrath Weaver

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Wrath Weaver has been, and continues to be, the only reason Demons may be so powerful early in the game. It is so essential to Demons that if you don’t locate one early enough in the game, your Demon board will not grow large enough to consistently outscale other configurations. This non-Demon, like other Demon cards, demands a sacrifice in the form of your Hero’s health. In light of this, you may want to pick up a Kathra’natir along the road, since he will protect your Hero from Wrath Weaver’s damage, although Kathra’natir isn’t a must-keep or even a must-buy in many circumstances. Just keep an eye on your health; else, you may unintentionally knock yourself out sooner than planned.


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Bigfernal may not seem to have a lot of power at first glance, but it will undoubtedly be one of your top three units at the conclusion of a victorious Demon game. Bigfernal’s stats are permanent, which means that any Demon you play in the tavern, as well as any Demon you summon from Deathrattles in battle, will continue to grow in strength. Bigfernal isn’t very complicated or flashy, but it’s dependable, and the boosts it gets come at no extra cost to you, unlike Ur’zul and Wrath Weaver, so take it if you see it in the middle of the game.

So, what is the game plan?

Demons are a very simple creature to create. You purchase Wrath Weavers early on and use Icky Imp and other cheap and replaceable Demons to help you develop them. Level up to taverns three and four to locate an Impatient Doomsayer and a couple of Bigfernals, then triple everything on Tavern Four to attempt for an Insatiable Ur’zul.

You may keep cycling between any Demons you discover to enhance your main three bodies: Bigfernal, Ur’zul, and Wrath Weaver, after you have one via hitting on a triple or ultimately leveling to roll for one. When the game is almost over, be sure to add a Selfless Hero and perhaps a Baron Rivendare to these huge guys since they won’t be able to acquire Divine Shield any other way (along with any poison unit you can grab). An Insatiable Ur’zul, a Wrath Weaver, a Bigfernal, two of the finest poison units you can get your hands on, and the Baron/Selfless combination would make a great board (with Selfless golden if possible). It’ll be a first-place finish nearly every time if your Demons are large and your hits are fortunate.

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